Loving Her Style: Lana Del Rey

Sunday 19 February 2012

Make no bones about it, I absolutely LOVE Lana Del Rey.

Her haunting, smoky voice that sounds so right for now, her tumbling, copper locks and especially her smoking hot style, which she herself describes as "gangster Nancy Sinantra". Genius!

I know there has been somewhat of a Lana backlash recently, which all seems to centre around 1) she has a stage name and 2) she may have had lip fillers.

With the stage name- so what? Celebrity goddesses have used them from time immemorial, to great effect. Norma Jean Baker, anyone? And if she, or anyone at her record company feels that Lana comes across better than Lizzy, then I don't see why that's a problem. You're not always the finished product right away.

And as for the fillers, that's no one's business but her own. And really, there can't be many women left in the entertainment industry who haven't had something or other done.

I think the backlash is more to do with the media hyping her up as the next big thing, which always seems to irritate some people.

However, she really floats my boat.! I love her retro look.

And just in- some very exciting news! Mulberry have announced their new bag the 'Del Rey' in honour of the girl herself! Love it! Now if only I could afford one myself...

To celebrate, I have posted some pictures that show the best of Lana's style so far.

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