8 New Finds Making My March

Thursday 17 March 2022

Blog favourites for March flat lay

And just like that, we were halfway through March… 

I can't believe how little time I've had lately. My job seems to have expanded to fill every available minute during the day as well as bleeding into my evenings - restructuring the team has been intense and we're so short-staffed we just ricochet from one thing to another, with the weeks blurring by. 

Add to that the incredible amounts of lifemin and all the kids' activities and the weekend are just as busy. 

Sometimes it feels like there just isn't a minute to ourselves, and my blogging has really suffered. Still, here I am, typing away on a Sunday morning in bed to share some of my current favourites making this whirlwind a little brighter… 

Zara high waisted powder blue tailored trousers

Zara high waisted tailored trousers powder blue

Zara tailored high waisted trousers review

Zara high waisted powder blue tailored trousers review

Zara is absolutely killing it lately. 

They've been my favourite for a long while now with their uniquely elegant take on trends, but over the past couple of years, they seem to be consistently brilliant at setting looks that are fresh, directional but also easy to wear. One of my first part-time jobs was working in Zara, and I've always been a fan. 

With the lifting of Covid restrictions here in the UK, our working lives have shifted again. Although I'll still be working from home a fair amount, there's a definite move towards going into the office more and after over two years away, it was time for a slight refresh in my smarter clothes. 

These beautiful trousers were the answer. They have a tapered leg and a super high waist, finished off with a wide belt. As someone who struggles to define their waist, this is a really good shape for me. 

The powder blue colour is my absolute obsession. I really love it for being so hopeful and spring-like and giving me that 60s mod vibe. 

It's still cold here, so I've been styling them with a thin black or beige rollneck, but they'd look beaut with a silk cami or a simple white shirt when the temperature climbs as well. 

Beauty Pie Japanfusion Genius Lift Elixir

Beauty Pie Japanfusion Genius Lift Elixir review

Any regular readers of this blog will already know I’m a Beauty Pie super fan. Their constant ability to come up with game-changing, high-quality products in sleek, minimalist packaging keeps me hooked, and I’ve discovered a couple more items from them lately that I’m really enjoying. 

The Japanfusion line has been a favourite of mine since it launched a few years ago, and Beauty Pie have expanded it with new products. 

This concentrated elixir promises an ‘instant shot of skin magic’ that you can add to a toner or serum to give a more elastic, plumped and dewy look to your skin. Last year, this won the title of ‘Ultimate Skincare Saviour’ from Vogue magazine. 

The ingredients? You have Jabara fruit, which is packed with Vitamin C to fight hyperpigmentation and give a glow, grape extract for a hit of antioxidants, ‘Fission Y’ (no clue what that is but it supports the barrier function of skin, so perhaps it's some kind of ceramide) and a Polynesian seaweed extract that works like hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture. 

I’ve found it gives radiance and lovely, bouncy feeling to my skin. Definitely a wonder product!

Beauty Pie Happy Face Extreme Relief Moisture Cream

Beauty Pie Happy Face Extreme Relief Moisture Cream review

For the first time in my life, I’ve been struggling with seriously dry skin. 

I’m normally lucky enough to have fairly balanced skin that doesn’t react to much, and I don’t know if it's the cold wet winter weather, getting older, or the fact that I’ve started using prescription tretinoin at night, but I’ve developed flaking, peeling patches on my cheeks and around my nose. So this launch was just what my skin was crying out for. 

Described as being ‘like a cashmere blanket for your face’, I love how soothing and hydrating this is, without feeling at all heavy on the skin. It's got a light, gel texture of bio-mimetic ceramides to calm down dry, tight skin. It feels like a cool drink of water, and will definitely be a staple for me now.

Steam Creation Handheld Garment Steamer

Steam Creation Handheld Garment Steamer review

Steam Creation Handheld Garment Steamer review

Now this might seem like a bit of an odd choice, but for a little gadget, it's making a big difference in my life. 

I’m fairly notorious for never ironing anything, and for quite a while during lockdown, it really didn’t matter -  life revolved around leggings, workout clothes and pyjamas. With going back to the office and picking up our social lives again though, clothing wrinkles are suddenly more of an issue. 

I have a dressing room on the third floor of the house where my clothes live, and I’ll happily admit I’m way to lazy to carry my things downstairs to the utility, set up the ironing board and grapple with the iron. Being able to plug a steamer in up in the dressing room and give the outfit I want a quick going over is a total luxury. 

Despite my lazy attitude to ironing, I really do believe that well-pressed clothes are one of those small, subliminal details that can actually elevate your look and make you seem a lot more put together. 

This is a really high-quality tool with a matte black rubber finish and a design that is both easy to operate and great for travel. It heats up in just 15 seconds but is as powerful as a full-size vertical steamer. It’s safe to use on even delicate materials like silk or velvet and has a run time of 15 minutes from one tank of water. I especially like to use it on my bedsheets to take wrinkles out once they’re on the bed. 

You also get a combination storage bag/heat resistant glove so that you can steam the underside of a garment easily. Steaming is also a brilliant way to freshen up clothes and stop having to wash them so often - which is a win for the planet. This tool is one of those small things that have a big impact. I’m so glad that I finally got one - definitely never getting the ironing board out again!

Radley Hyde Road Bag

Radley Hyde Road Bag review

Radley Hyde Road Bag review

I'm a total bag lady. Handbags make me happy in some satisfying way that I can't define, way more than shoes. It might be the fact that no matter how you feel about your body, a new bag can lift your whole look instantly. Or it might be something about organising the contents and the illusion of control this gives. Either way, I absolutely love getting a new bag.

It doesn't happen that often. I decided long ago that quality over quantity was definitely my mantra when it came to bags. I saved up and focused on building my collection of classics and I don't add to it a huge amount. And yet when I saw this design, I fell in love. 

Radley isn't a brand I've ever bought from before. To be honest, I saw them as a little bit frumpy and just not my style, covered in prints of Scotty dogs. Well, times have changed and the line has undergone a definite shift to be much sleeker. 

I loved the quilted design of this bag, which features sleek gold hardware, a rectangle shape, super soft nappa leather, a stylish top handle and a detachable cross-body strap. It’s a modern and feminine style that would serve both for office days or going out to dinner. 

I did love it in the butterscotch colour with orange top handle, but after eyeing it up for quite a while and being unsure, I found the black version on sale and decided it was a sign from heaven to go for it.

Chelsea Peers Bumblebee Pyjamas

Chelsea Peers Bumblebee Pyjamas review

Spring might be feeling a bit closer, but there are still plenty of long, dark nights between us and summer at this point. So pyjamas are an absolute cosy must-have. 

I’ve been trying to embrace the long evenings with pots of tea and scented candles everywhere. Also, with working from home a lot, getting changed into my pyjamas at the end of the day is a useful way to create a boundary and signal to my brain that work is over and it's time to switch off. 

Chelsea Peers has beautiful matching sets to let you do this in style. I love this soft jersey set in navy with a metallic gold bumblebee pattern and piping. It’s chic, relaxed and super comfortable. 

Tanologist 360 Spray Tan Mister

Tanologist 360 Spray Tan Mister review

I am by no means a fake tan expert. For years, I didn’t use the stuff at all. Now, I rely on a body lotion containing gradual tan for everyday, but if I have an event coming up, I will attempt to do a proper tan at home. This is going to make that so much easier! 

Inspired by a TikTok trend where people were decanting tanner into plant misters, this device promises a streak free finish because it creates an ultra-fine continuous mist that can be used at any awkward angle you like. Just load it up with your tanning water of choice and away you go! 

I mist myself and then use either a mitt or a large kabuki brush to buff the tan into my skin and I’m rewarded with a beautiful glow. A winter essential to avoid day glo legs!

Kitsch 11 Piece Reusable Travel Set

Kitsch 11 Piece Reusable Travel Set review

It actually looks as if we might be able to go on holiday this year, and I’m so excited. We’ve booked something for the end of May, so I treated myself to this reusable set of travel bottles. They’re BPA free and environmentally friendly, as well as being super chic. 

You get: one spray bottle, one pump bottle, two mini jars, three flat pouch bottles, a mini funnel and spatula to fill them and a reusable travel pouch, and the set comes in either black or blush colourways. 

It’s a great way to avoid plastics waste and also travel with your favourite products, as the set is fully compliant with air travel regulations, so you don’t need to worry that you’ll be over the liquids allowance. 

Here’s to being able to explore the world again!

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