How Anyone Can Look Stylish In Just Eight Steps

Thursday 19 November 2020

Finding your personal style

Finding your personal look is definitely a process. If there's one thing I've learned from growing up and re-finding a look that felt right at different times in my life, its that style is a journey, not a destination. 

Whatever kind of looks you have or might be keen to have, one thing that you should always try to bear in mind is that it’s always perfectly possible to look stylish. In fact, any of us can look stylish as long as we approach it in the right way, and this is something that a lot of people need to be aware of.  

So how can you begin to discover your personal vibe? 

Bring In A Little Colour

One of the simplest moves you can make if you want to look more stylish is just to bring in a little color to your look. 

A lot of people end up automatically opting for the browns and blacks, which does make some sense - after all, these tend to go well with a wide range of outfits and they are known to be classically appealing. 

But if you want to stand out of the crowd a little more, you might find that introducing some color into proceedings could really make a profound difference.

You can do this just by having one or two colorful accessories, or by having a statement piece that has a lot of color. 

In either case, it’s a great way to boost your style, and it is likely to help you feel so much more confident in yourself too.

Play Around With Patterns & Textures

As well as colour, another important element you should think about is the patterns of your clothing, and the textures that are visible on what you wear. 

A lot of people fail to really put much thought into this side of the equation, but it’s hugely important that you do if you want to pull off the best possible look. 

Patterns are often the focal point of an entire outfit, and conversely to not play around with patterns can leave your outfit without a ‘voice’ with which to speak to the world. 

See what inspiration you can find regarding patterns and texture, and then play around with it yourself to make some interesting changes to your look.

How to wear a cropped tshirt

Remember: Fit Is Important

Many of us try to make items of clothing work that just won’t ever work for us. The most common reason it won’t work is because the clothing in question simply doesn’t fit you quite right. 

If you are finding this to be the case for some of your outfits, then you might want to set yourself the simple rule of avoiding buying and keeping clothes that don’t actually fit you. If you can make that a rule and stick to it, you will find that this makes all the difference in the world. 

You are going to be much more confident with your outfits in no time as a result of only ever wearing clothes that fit you perfectly.

It’s All About The Details

It’s easy enough to overlook the details, but if you find yourself doing that a lot, it only means that your outfit and overall style is not going to be as good as possible. 

In fact, strong style very often comes from a focus on the details that is particularly strong, so this is something that you should make sure you are trying to do. If you manage to get the details right, you will find that everything is falling into place much more easily indeed. 

So what kinds of details should you mostly be focused on?

In particular, it’s worth looking at the accessories that you are using, especially paying attention to those that you always wear - perhaps because you have to. 

For instance, if you wear glasses, then you will achieve much greater things in your style by just making sure that you only use the top brands and go for glasses that suit your overall style. 

When you wear a scarf, make sure it’s not just a last-minute affair, but rather an integral and exciting part of the whole outfit. Doing this is always going to help your sense of style to grow and evolve, so it’s a powerful thing to bear in mind.

Don’t Copy: Innovate

At first when you are trying to figure out how to look more stylish, it is natural to look to other people - whether they are people you know or strangers - for inspiration on how to do it. 

That’s fine, but what you should try to avoid is outright copying anyone. Although the fashion world is full of that, if you can set yourself apart from them by innovating rather than copying, you are going to find that it really makes a huge difference to your style. 

In particular, it will make you feel so much more unique, and like you are your own person, which is a very important thing.

Achieving A Sense Of Balance

As we have seen, there are many important elements to dressing well and looking stylish. 

Another one which you must consider at the same time is a sense of balance, which actually applies in a few different ways. 

In one sense, it’s all about ensuring that you are balancing the other elements like color, style, texture and so on as well as you can. 

But balance here also refers to being able to not go too far in any one direction, and keeping each and every outfit looking balanced in that way too. If you can do that, you should find that it makes a huge difference to how you look.

Rainbow colours fashion shot

Invest In The Timeless

It is possible to mostly buy clothes that tend to stand the test of time, and in doing so to be able to look good for any future occasion you might be attending. 

If you find yourself buying trendy items only, you are going to struggle to stay up to date, and that will mean that your style continually needs updating. 

But if you go for the other option, that is, to invest in timeless clothing that will always look the part, you are going to look stylish forever more. At the same time, your bank balance will be a lot healthier too! 

Of course, the trick here is to work out how to actually know what counts as timeless and what doesn’t, but you can think of the old classics that still persist to get some idea of what works here. 

If you fill your wardrobe mostly with those items, you can then treat yourself to the occasional trendy item as a rare treat too.

Understand Your Body Shape

Rather than trying to fit your body into some perfected media-driven ideal, it’s much better to get to understand your body shape, and to see it for what it is. 

The better you know your body shape, the more likely it is that you can dress in a way which is appropriate for it, and which is going to look the part. 

So make sure that you are thinking about what goes well for your body shape, and you should find this really helps you to look the best at all times. If you are struggling, look to others who have a similar body shape to you for inspiration and advice.

If you take all these on board, you are going to look the part in no time, and be much more confident in your ability to look perfectly stylish.


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