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Sunday 17 May 2020

Topshop bardot top, Topshop Orson jeans, red perspex heel sandals, AllSaints Kita bag
OK, this lockdown thing is really starting to bite now. We’re entering our eighth week of self-isolation (my work decided to cancel all meetings and make people fully based at home a week or so before official lockdown kicked in), and up until now it hasn’t been so bad.

But with no end in sight, we can feel ourselves getting more and more burnt out trying to work full time and look after two under 5s who are beginning to get very cooped up and sad about not seeing their friends. It feels like no-one is winning at the moment - the balance for working parents is always very fine anyway, and it's just been completely eroded.

No matter how hard we’re trying to stay positive, often we end up feeling like bad parents AND bad at our jobs - and we can’t be the only ones. It feels like we’re approaching a tipping point now. Almost everyone in my network is beginning to crack under the pressure.

In this rather sad scenario, fashion has given me something creative to focus on. It’s very true that how you dress affects your mood, and as comfy as gym leggings and giant hoodies are, eventually they begin to make you feel worse.

That’s why connecting with the fashion community via Instagram has been such a ray of sunshine for me. 

From finding inspiration and support to combatting the blues by taking out the bins in your ballgown, celebrating our lockdown looks has made me smile again.

Topshop Orson Mom jeans, All Saints Kita bag, perspex heel sandals, bardot top

Striped puff-sleeved bardot crop top | Topshop
‘Orson’ straight leg jeans | Topshop
Red suede perspex block heeled sandals | Autograph @ M&S
‘Kita’ convertible tote backpack in Taupe | All Saints
Rose gold origami fox necklace | Love Hearts and Crosses
Tortoiseshell perspex cuff | Topshop

After two kids, a crop top isn’t an item I would normally consider wearing, but when you pair it with something high-waisted you don’t need to flash any flesh. 

I just loved the fresh Riviera stripe of the fabric and all the great detailing - the puffed off-the-shoulder sleeves, the sweetheart neckline and the chunky buttons. It made me feel like a hybrid of Marie Antoinette and Brigitte Bardot, two complete icons of mine. 

This top would be amazing on sunnier shores, so it may have to make a reappearance for holidays next year. It would pair beautifully with a pair of high-waisted white linen shorts or a floaty midi skirt.

For now, I chose to pair it with my latest denim purchase - the ‘Orson’ jeans from Topshop. I’m still slowly trying to ease myself off my utter dependency on black skinny jeans, and these have a straight leg cut with a slightly wider ankle but are still slim through the legs. 

They have a really nice blend of thick denim with just the teeeensiest amount of stretch, making them comfortable to wear. I also love the higher waist for cinching in my mum tum!

Block heels work really well with this cut, whether on ankle boots or on sandals. I say this every time, but I’m a complete granny when it comes to shoes and I practically never wear stilettos. 

A block heel is much more in my comfort zone, and still acceptible if I need to run away from zombies or chase after a feral toddler. I adore this style because they are strappy and have a clear perspex heel but are super cushioned and comfortable (I also have them in black because they rock so much).

My bag is actually the one I reach for almost every day. The ‘Kita’ design from All Saints is a favourite, because it can be worn as either a medium size tote or a backpack, and the design is elegant enough to look professional in both modes. 

In those days that now feel so distant where I was walking a couple of miles to the office in the morning, I really liked being able to wear it as a backpack, but arrive at the office with a smart tote. It has beautiful braided detailing on the straps and an elegant slouch, and the taupe shade goes for any season. 

It’s such a great combination of practical and good looking that it’s become my go-to bag.

To top it all off, I simply added a favourite necklace - this delicate little rose gold origami fox - and a chunky perspex cuff with a tortoiseshell pattern.

Here’s hoping that everyone stays safe  -  and more importantly sane - over the next few weeks. 
Sending love to you all.

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