Mama Style | What To Wear For Going 'Out Out' At Christmas

Thursday 12 December 2019

Sometimes it's go big or go home right?

My life used to revolve around epic nights out (although to be fair they tended to be either sweaty rock gigs or raves and I would never have worn heels to either!) and although it's safe to say they’re few and far between now, sometimes you know you have an evening coming up where you just want to cut loose for a change.

That’s where an outfit like this comes in. As an adult, you come to a place that some may call 'knowing your style' and others would call 'stuck in a rut'.

Really, I look at it as finding your style story.

You know through bitter experience what you’re going to feel physically comfortable and authentically yourself in - and you realise that without those two things, it's really hard to look good.

Obviously, my figure is far from perfect - especially after two kids - but I know what I feel good in, and a skirt, tee and ankle boots is a combination you’ve seen repeated time and again in these pages.

Black cupro tshirt | & Other Stories
‘Paradise’ silk mini skirt | All Saints
Mirrored gold ankle boots | Truffle Collection
‘Covet Waverley’ bag | Stella & Dot
Purple enamel tiger bracelet | Topshop

How stunning is this silk skirt from one of my go-to brands, All Saints? The feather pattern and the tortoiseshell colours are super beautiful. It’s a piece that works wonderfully well dressed down with a baggy sweater, opaque tights and some flat combat boots, but you can also style it up to be super glam.

A black tshirt in a drapey cupro fabric hit the right note for me, being a little more casual. A stock of basic tees are absolutely the cornerstone of any good wardrobe and finding a brand that fits nicely is a worthwhile search.

Of course, it's all about the killer statement that those outrageous boots make. They are so far out there it's ridiculous, but I love them. I find them really glam rock with their mirrored gold finish and although they don't look it, they're also super comfortable.

My Covet Waverley is the most versatile bag I own, it can be worn three ways and its buttery soft leather and bold gold details are just stunning. I've used it a hell of a lot since I bought it and it works just as well to wear down the park with the kids as it does for an evening out. Truly an accessory worth it's weight in gold!

A final flourish was added with this crazy purple enamel tiger bracelet stacked with a couple of simple gold bracelets.

What do you feel most glam in? What's your go-to 'out out' look?


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