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Monday 12 August 2019

Revolution Beauty has been one of my favourite affordable makeup brands right back from when they first launched.

I’ve had my issues in the past with their customer service, but one thing which has always remained constant is the brilliant quality of their products. They move quickly to respond to trends and have also developed standout flagship products of their own, like the Conceal & Define range.

Most recently, they’ve ventured into skincare, and have also been going strong with the launch of a more premium line, Revolution Pro. It was this which drew me to place an order, having heard really good things about the Pro line setting powder, specifically for use in battling my under eye area, which takes a lot of careful concealing on a daily basis. I made an order of some of the new products and a couple of sale items that I caught my eye.

Revolution Pro Translucent Hydra Matte Setting Powder

When the weather gets (intermittently) warmer, although it's a win overall, it can be challenging on the makeup front, as everything heads south.

In addition, I’ve recently been learning some techniques for concealing deep-set eyes, as in addition to having horrific dark circles, fine lines and puffy bags (my under eye area is just a joy), that’s also another thing to think about. The method I’ve hit upon requires the application of a matte powder, which damps down the depth issue and makes under eyes look less hollow, as well as setting all the concealer work I do to cover up my bags! It needs to be good, and I had high hopes for this one after reading BeautyOnReview’s take on it… and I wasn’t disappointed.

Infused with Hyaluronic Acid, this should keep skin hydrated - especially important under the eyes, where you get dried out, crepey skin. It provides a perfect matte finish without any of the caked on look, because the powder itself is so finely milled.

Plus, the packaging is a bit of a winner - it features a flexible mesh over the opening, so you can simply press your sponge or brush into the put and receive a perfect coating of powder. The pot itself is pretty sleek, although the metallic lid is actually plastic but at least this makes the whole thing lighter for travel - because it's most definitely coming on holiday with me!

At just £8.00, it's a great deal - I nearly paid £20 for the Becca Under Eye Brightening Powder to do the same job, but halted the purchase when I saw some of the reviews saying it gave a grey tone to their skin. This is a much better alternative and I can see it becoming a staple product in my daily makeup bag.

Bleeding Heart Baked Highlighter

Have you ever seen a prettier highlighter for under £5.00? I’ll wait…..

It’s not everyday that I want a huge amount of highlight - most days I actually use a little bit of Vaseline on my cheekbones for a hit of dewiness without looking like I fell down the stairs holding a disco ball.

But there are other occasions where you want to get a little more out there and have razor sharp cheekbones which shine with the light of a thousand suns - that would be where this little heart-shaped box of loveliness comes in.

This pink marbled powder offers full wattage shine and unbelievable pigmentation. It offers the possibility of slightly more precise application than a liquid formula, so it’s ideal for an ultra-glowing evening look. A pretty fun product to play around with.

MySign Gemini Eyeshadow Palette

I wasn’t intending to purchase this (another eye palette is pretty much the last thing I need…) but this caught my eye for the beautiful colours, and when I saw it was reduced to just £1.50 in one of the epic sales that Revolution regularly have, it was a done deal.

With three eye shades, a split-tone brow shade, a cream eye primer and a highlighter, it's actually a very useful, compact little kit. I loved the stunning, unusual eye shades, which include a shimmering navy blue, a super-pretty khaki and a charcoal grey.

All these tones really pop on my amber coloured eyes so it seemed like the perfect little palette for when I’m feeling more bold than my usual neutral tones - but still very wearable. The shadows are all beautifully pigmented -  they’re definitely a strong point of the Revolution offer - and I know I’m likely to wear this a lot.

Cushion Corrector Peach

Colour correctors have become a bit part of my make-up routine as I try to chase away the inevitable shadows that life with two lively children brings in it's wake. It’s a simple step but one which can really improve the overall finish of your eye makeup.

Peach and orange tones chase away the blues, grey and purples which make you look tired and lacklustre. Once blended in under your foundation, it's traceless but it gives a real boost.

This appeals because of the super handy innovative format - the product is contained in the lid, and then the rest is a large cushion sponge that is used for blending the product. I was expecting this to be liquid but it's actually a cream texture which is highly blendable.

It gives really great, smooth coverage which makes it very easy to use, and this product is an excellent way to try out colour correction for the first time as it's so easy to use.

Pro Ultimate Coverage Crease Proof Concealer

Always on the hunt for a great concealer, I couldn’t resist adding this new launch to my basket to try. At £7.00, it's a lot more purse-friendly than my usual pick of Mac Pro Longwear Concealer, but as it's such an essential item I don’t usually mind paying out. However, if I can find an alternative that does the job for less, I’m all for it.

This is extremely high coverage and dense, to the point where a tiny rice grain sized amount was more than enough to cover both sides of my face, so being sparing with it is essential. Crease proof and waterproof, this is also intended to sit like an elastic second skin covering up imperfections. I especially like the fact that it contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, antioxidants and peptides - so it's a skin treatment as well as makeup. As I’ve said, my under eye area needs all the help it can get!

The formula reminds me very much of the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer, which I wanted to love but didn’t. It can very easily look a little too heavy, so applying with a brush and a light touch is essential. I’m hoping that I can have a bit of a play and make this into my dream team with the setting powder.

Ultra Metals Ultra Flat Contour Brush

This brush as on sale for just £3.00, reduced from £9.99, so I decided to give it a go. It's a bit of a dupe for the Real Techniques Bold Metals Contour Brush, which I nearly bought last month, so I thought it had to be worth a try.

It’s a flat topped, slim but densely packed brush that delivers a thick hit of colour, while the synthetic bristles make it perfect for working with a cream or liquid product. The bristles are very soft, and with the solid metal handle, it feels like a substantial tool for carving out cheekbones.

I’ve found best results in using this to deposit the product - almost stamp it on really - and using a more loosely bound brush to blend afterwards.

I’m so pleased that there is a high-quality, low-cost brand out there in the makeup world doing such great things, so if you haven’t jumped on board with Revolution yet, give them a try -  you won’t regret it!

Have you joined the Revolution yet? What products are your personal favourites?


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