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Wednesday 19 June 2019

Beauty Pie is one of those brands that are low-key changing the world -  and certainly my makeup and skincare regimes. If you’ve been living on Mars for the past couple of years and haven’t come across the brand, it’s the product of famed beauty guru Marcia Kilgore, the woman behind Bliss Spa, FitFlop, Soap & Glory and Soaper Duper.

It operates a subscription model – you pay a monthly fee and in return get access to top formulation luxury products for the price of a Starbucks order. If you’re not a member, you can still order the products, but at very over-the-top prices.

There are various pros and cons to this approach, but I was intrigued enough to give it a go, and over time I’ve been impressed enough with a critical mass of their products – most especially the skincare – that my subscription was one I couldn’t consider cancelling, even during the lean months of unpaid maternity leave!

Like any brand, some of the products have been hit and miss but most have left me very impressed and there are enough new launches popping up to mean there’s always something I want to try. On the slightly less positive side, things tend to go out of stock and stay there for months and months, so you often get hooked on something only to find out that you can’t get hold of it.

I recently stocked up with some hero products and some new arrivals which have really impressed me. Beauty Pie are winning more and more of a share of my bathroom shelves all the time, and here’s why…

Super Healthy Skin Ultralight UVA/UVB SPF25

This is my third repurchase of this product, and although it's not perfect (a higher SPF would be much better), it is a great daily moisturiser. Combining a facial sunscreen, a hydrating moisture milk and a skin primer in one, this is one of those time savers I rely on during my hectic mornings. It's very light and sinks in easily, plus I love the portable packaging which makes it ideal to take on your travels.

With hydrating superheroes sugar beet extract and hyaluronic acid and soothing licorice extract, it doesn't leave any sticky residue and is designed to act as a base for makeup. It's a great option for a daily face cream - I just wish they made it in SPF50!

Fresh Glow Breathable Setting Spray

A new launch for the Pie, this K-Beauty import is the best skin product I've tried in ages! It blends and fixes your makeup, while letting skin breathe. If you ever take a look in the mirror after applying your warpaint only to think it all looks a bit heavy, a little spritz of this blends everything beautifully and gives a dewy finish that makes it all seem effortless.

It's also loaded with antioxidants to shield the skin from environmental stress. Lotus extract soothes and calms, while biflorus stem cell extract helps to delay signs of ageing. Plus it smells uh-may-zin. Definitely one I'll be repurchasing.

Super Retinol + Vitamin C Night Renewal Moisturiser

If you have concerns about the early signs of ageing skin, then retinol should be your new best friend. A proven anti-aging wonder ingredient, it's normally to be found in pricey dermatologist offices, but Beauty Pie makes it all more accessible. Here it's paired with antioxidant Vitamin C to create a powerful night treatment designed to 'hit refresh' on your face.

Encapsulated retinol resurfaces the skin, ficucell Vita and Vitamin C fight environmental damage and give you your glow back, shea butter nourishes, Vitamin E restores elasticity and ferulic and hyaluronic acids plump and hydrate. It's a game changer. I've used it continuously since it launched and this is about my fourth tube.

Superdrops Matrixyl Morphomics Flash Face Lift

Annoyingly enough, this is one of the items that has been out of stock for ages, and I've fallen for it hard. A State of the art visible wrinkle reducer, these drops contain another potent cocktail of anti-ageing ingredients. There is Syn-Hycan, a Peptide that plumps and firms, along with 3.0 Matrixyl Morphomics - a flash face lifting complex that battles the signs of ageing.

There’s a lot more science to it if you read the full description on the Beauty Pie website, but I couldn’t claim to understand half of it. All I know is that it's a little bottle of anti-aging magic and a definite keeper in my skin regime.

Jeju Daily Multi-phase Purifying Cleansing Milk

Curiously, one thing Beauty Pie have never got right for me is their face washes - I’ve tried a couple and really disliked them. But I decided to give this new launch a go, mainly because I now order so much from them, it would just be easier to also get my cleanser there too! I like to double cleanse as I use those reusable makeup towels to take off my warpaint, so it feels good to follow up with a liquid cleanser too.

The Jeju line has impressed me with other products in the past and smells incredibly good. With a mix of cherry blossom, soothing bamboo grass, licorice-root extract and meadowfoam seed oil, it's packed full of skin goodies. It's a milk that transforms into an oil as you rub it into the skin to break down any stubborn grime gently, and leave skin looking bright and dreamy. I also love the super convenient pump bottle.

Normally, I do like a bit of foam - even though I know it isn’t that great for skin, there’s something satisfying about it in my mind, so I’m a little on the fence but giving it a good go. Will it beat out my favourite Nuxe Eau Micellaire foaming cleanser? Watch this space.

Futureluxe Lipstick Luxe Shine - ‘You Sexy Thing’

Now this is my kind of lipstick. I’m not a huge fan of the matte formulas that have been dominating of late, I think a bit of shine is so much more flattering and wearable, so this is my heaven. A high-shine, sheer-but-pigmented and moisturising formula created in Italy, this is full of coconut and avocado oils and pH-active pigments to create long lasting colour and a plumped up effect. I absolutely love it. The formula is very similar to the MAC Huggable lipsticks, but so much cheaper.

This rosy nude is a perfect everyday shade and has become my absolute go-to in the mornings. It's like a gloss, a balm and a lipstick all in one swipe and it just makes lips look gorgeous. Obsessed.

Shine Up Lip Colour Balm Stick - 'Sugarola'

This is very similar to the lipstick I love so much, but a bit less pigmented and I don’t quite love it as much, but the format makes it very handy to swipe on in a rush. I tend to keep something like this in the car so I can apply before meetings.

The plant-oil jelly formula conditions lips well and leaves a velvery whisper of colour behind with a slight shimmer, plus the myrrh-resin extract creates a lip-filling effect. The shade is a delicate mid-pink that looks pretty on, but it can’t quite take the crown from the Futureluxe Shine lipsticks for me!

One Palette Wonder

Since I got it, the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette has been my constant daily companion. It’s literally the thing I reach for every single day - so could this challenger provide a cheaper alternative. Containing seven finely milled glowing powders - a bronzer, two blushes, three eyeshadow shades and a highlighter, it contains all the same things.

The compact itself is a lot lighter and more portable than the Charlotte Tilbury one, it's a size where you could actually take it in your bag on a night out, and it's perfect for travel. I like the graphic on the front also, which is a bit NARS-esque.

The shades are really pretty on and all very flattering on my skin, plus very easy to blend. I feel like it's a little less long-lasting but as it's so portable touching up on the go isn’t a problem. I especially like the bronzer, which isn’t muddy or orange and looks great.

Such a high quality product for the money and a must-have travel companion for me - I’ve already bought a back up.

Pomegranate & Baies Rose Candle

Beauty Pie have branched out into some new areas lately - there is haircare coming soon, brushes and a tanning line - and candles were a recent addition. As a scented candle addict, I had to add one to my order to try out. I’m fairly rubbish at describing scents, so I’ll let Beauty Pie do it for me here: “ a sexy, sybaritic red fruit with a hazy halo of baies rose, artemisia cinnamon, clove, cashmere wood and patchouli”.

It does smell very sensual and heady - the perfect candle for a date night! It’s very strongly scented and floods the room with a gorgeous perfume. I’m very impressed and now I want to try their other scents - Bergamot and Wild Basil, Fresh Freesia, Patchouli and Moss, Bitter Orange and Blackcurrant, Tuberose, Redcurrant and Fig, and Clean House.

These are super luxe, and for a member’s price of just £13.93 you can’t go wrong!

So that’s my little Beauty Pie haul - I’m very impressed and have definitely discovered a few must-haves. Have you tried Beauty Pie yet?

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