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Sunday 19 May 2019

Hands up who loves a good Primark haul?

 The giant of the high street is not a place I get the chance to visit often anymore, but if I do happen to be in the city centre it's hard to resist having a look.

There aren't many shops with such a vast range of products - from staple basics like tights and vest tops to on-trend childrenswear, a revamped beauty offering that's been garnering praise from professionals and high fashion pieces at super accessible prices. 

And of course we all know it's scientifically impossible to emerge empty-handed once you've gone past those shiny glass doors. My mum was up visiting from Cornwall recently and she wanted to pop in and stock up on a few things because they don't have one where she lives.

I'd almost forgotten how much of a thrill it is chasing down the gems in there, and I found quite a few this time - I had to do a serious basket edit before checking out.

Here's what made the cut...

Blue and white stripe buttoned linen dress (9-12 months) | £8 

First I hit up the children's department to grab some basics for Romilly. I was actually on the hunt for some of those frilly nappy covers - I remember spotting them in there for a couple of pounds and feeling very annoyed that I'd just paid at least three times that for some from John Lewis a while back!

They didn't have any this time, but they did have this gorgeous little dress which had to come home with me. Not only is it made of linen but it's fully lined, so it has the feel of a much more expensive piece.

This will be super cute for summer but could also be paired with a long sleeved vest and tights for cooler days.

Yellow broderie anglaise top (9-12 months) | £4 

When I'm in Primark the thing I concentrate on most are the fabrics. I think that if you go for something in a great material, it automatically looks pricier, and people would never guess it cost about the same as a latte!

This adorable yellow top will be great to pair with little denim skirts or patterned leggings for Romilly’s first holiday to Tuscany later in the year, and the beautiful detail meant that I couldn't resist picking it up.

Pink floral print romper (9-12 months) | £5 

Usually, I don't put Romilly in much pink but this beautiful little romper suit caught my eye. With the frilled collar and vintage floral print it is very Cath Kidston - for a fraction of the price.

I was a little on the fence with it because I tend to like pieces that are slightly more versatile. This is really only suitable for very warm days as it has short legs and no sleeves and it's made of a very light cotton, but assuming we get proper summer weather this year I thought it was probably worth the risk!

White frilled cardigan (9-12 months) | £4.50 

Cardigans are one of those items which work across seasons and that you do get a fair amount of wear from, so it's definitely worth picking them up at this price.

This cardigan is just about identical to one I recently got her from M&S - plus they also had versions of the thicker hooded knits with animal ears that I love from there as well.

There's not much this won't go with as a light cover-up. I love the little frill at the hem and the contrast buttons.

3 pack of knitted tights (9-12 months) | £4 

Another Primark win is always the basics. For underwear, vests and tights there aren't many places that can offer better value, and with Pom Pom’s tights, I never seem to have enough, so I stocked up with this three pack - a pale pink patterned design, a cream ribbed pair and a grey with white polka dots should keep her covered.

It might be approaching summer but there's still plenty of days where I've needed to put her in tights thanks to the changeable UK weather, so these seemed like a good buy.

Pale pink leopard loose trousers ( 9-12 months) | £5 

My final purchase for Romilly were these cute loose summer trousers. They have a mini leopard print pattern which I absolutely loved. I’m mad keen on animal print myself so I couldn't resist some for my baby girls summer wardrobe.

With an elasticated waistband and cuffed ankles, these are going to be really comfortable for her to move around in, and I love the black crochet edging on the pockets too.

Way too lovely to leave hanging in the shop!

Cutout Basket Bag |£12 

I really didn't need this bag, so I put it back about three times, before finally deciding that I'd regret not buying it. I know that in Primark, if you see something you like, it's wise to get it there and then because stock changes so fast.

This design is really similar to a Zara bag I fell for last year and regretting not making mine. I love the open work design, which reminds me of those plastic shopping baskets we all had as a toddler (I still have mine, true story sis).

But for practicality's sake, there's also a zipped neoprene inner to keep your stuff safe and out of sight. The bag also has a long cross body strap as well as the top handles, and is a really good medium size as well.

The black I would easily rock on holiday or for the office, but they also had a striking bright orange and a white version with a neon yellow inner pocket. The design of this just really appealed to me and I can't wait to give it a go.

Grey silk panelled camisole | £5 

The beautiful detailing on this little camisole caught my eye. It was in the sleepwear section, but I haven't worked out if I'm going to keep it with my pyjamas or just rock it for day!

I love the mauve-grey shade and the panels of silky material on the sides, plus this top has the useful feature of adjustable straps.

It's a great little find that I think you could get away with wearing outside of the bedroom or would make super stylish loungewear.

Animal print chiffon shirt | £12 

A drapey, buttoned chiffon shirt is a staple item in both my work wear and off duty wardrobes, and this looked like a piece which could span across both.

It's quite a loud print, but I've been challenging myself to add more daring colour and print into my wardrobe lately as I can sometimes be a little too monochrome!

I thought this would really pop against navy trousers or under a shift dress with the sleeves and collar poking out and it looked so easy to wear.

Tasseled flat mules | £8 

One thing I almost never buy in Primark is shoes funnily enough, even though I used to live in their ballet flats during my student days. But when I spotted these beauties I was tripping over myself to get to the tills.

I've been looking for a pair of backless black mules with an almond toe for a while - yes, I know that is ridiculously specific - so to find exactly what I wanted at such a good price is exactly the kind of thing which makes Primarni so addictive.

The gorgeous swishy tassels are absolutely the icing on the cake here. I am a little obsessed with these and I think they look really high end! A total win that made the whole trip worthwhile.

Blush tapered trousers | £13 

I'm getting big into trousers at the moment, and this beautiful blush pair were just too lovely to leave on the rack.

They have a really nice, tapered cut that looks so sharp, and the front creases and covered buttons have a luxurious feel that totally belies the price on the tag. I'm willing to bet that if I paired these with a crisp white shirt you'd never know they were a budget buy.

I'm back at work in a couple of weeks and I'm determined to find comfort in the challenge of having to dress smartly rather than live in baggy jumpers with baby sick and mashed biscotti down them - these are a great start!

T-shirt bra black, white and nude | £8 

I almost didn't include these in my haul post, because they're not the most glamorous or exciting or items, but actually, where else could you get three decent bras for just £8?

All the bases are covered with a white, black and nude option, all with slight textured fabric details on the cups. They're just nicely finished t shirt bras that go under everything easily.

I've been living in breast feeding bras for what feels like eighty five years, so it felt like time to replenish my stock of normal undies, prior to starting work. After each baby, I've pretty much redone my underwear drawer and replaced everything that's a bit well worn before I go back to my job. It's a tradition now!

Blue dalmation spot blouse | £12 

This little blouse looked very fashion forward to me, and I love the bodice detail with the covered buttons and the slightly flared cuffed sleeves - these little details just give it a nice design edge.

Going back to the office after baby can be a little daunting - leaving them for the first time, wondering if you're going to be a complete mess - and one of the ways I cope is by focusing on the little details. Stuff like getting to drink a hot cup of coffee, speak to other adults, carry a proper handbag instead of a changing bag full of nappies and being able to wear smart new outfits.

This blouse reminded me of much pricier alternatives I've seen in Whistles, and it would work well for the office or at the weekend with jeans and a pair of loafers.

Acrylic tortoiseshell cuff  | £1 

I've been loving the resurgence of tortoiseshell effect pieces recently and this acrylic cuff was a total bargain. The accessories in Primark I find can be a little hit and miss, but sometimes you'll find an amazing piece that you know would be so much more at Topshop or Zara.

I like the simplicity of this and I think it will be great to stack up with some other bracelets.

Iris + Bliss Eau De Parfum | £3.50 

The beauty and fragrance offering at Primark has really taken off in the last couple of years and I've gone from swerving it completely to always checking out the latest products. The scents especially seem to have massively improved in quality.

This new little range of three - they also had Peony + Love and Neroli + Happy - all smelt very sophisticated - not what I would expect to find there!

In simple heavy glass bottles with rose gold metal lids, they also look smart enough to grace your dressing table too. This gorgeous light scent is perfect for summer days - a great find

Hello Kitty lashes | £2 

It's not like I'm a huge fan of Hello Kitty (although I used to be as a teenager, anything kitsch, kawaii and Japanese was totally my vibe back then) but these strip lashes caught my eye.

They're just the right length and thickness for an amplified but natural look and for the price you really can't go wrong.

Matte manicure ‘Snow’ | £1 

I'll freely admit that having two children means I've had to let some beauty standards slip a little as there just isn't time anymore, and regular manicures are one of the bits that have dropped. Instead of popping along to the salon every few weeks for a shiny set of gels, now my nails are pretty much unloved.

I don't even really get time to sort them myself. If I do have something to go to or a rare evening out, I've discovered that these press on manicures are way quicker than trying to find the time to shape and polish my own nails and give a great look for the evening.

I love the matte white finish of these - very chic - and they aren't too long either.

Easy Lash #1 | £1 

I’m a well documented lash addict (that's one bit of my beauty routine I won't skip, along with skincare) and I've really gotten into cluster lashes. They are super easy to use and give a gorgeous finish, so I had to give these fluffy cluster lashes a go.

Primark also sell individual lashes which is great if you're learning to do your own eyelash extensions. These look like they'll give a really pretty, soft finish, and I picked up three packs for less than you'd pay for one set from other brands.

False Lash Queen Mascara | £3 

For many years now, Too Faced Better Than Sex has been hands-down the holy grail Mascara for me. I love the soft, fluffy, volumised finish it gives and I've never found anything I like better. So when I saw rave reviews about this dupe hitting the Internet, I was intrigued.

Promising all the volume and va-va-voom of the much imitated original for just £3, I thought it had to be worth a try.

While I don't think it's quite as standout as the original, it stands comparison with other dupes like L'Oréal Paradise (another personal favourite) very well, so it's a great every day alternative to BTS if you're a fan of those types of mascara.

I Beauty Dewy Stick | £0.50 

Since becoming a mama, my skin has definitely aged a fair amount - consistent lack of sleep is the worst - and one of the little tricks which has really been helping me out is a good highlighter.

Cheating that well rested, younger look means faking a dewy plumpness that my tired skin doesn't have at the moment. It can be easy to overdo it a bit and end up shinier than a disco ball, so this little stick appealed to me.

It's like a clear balm, so instead of relying on shimmer, you get a much more subtle finish. I love the way it adds a low key skin finish that highlights without being shouty. As this was reduced to just 50p, it was a real bargain.

Prep & Perfect Flawless Finish | £5 

This primer has literally blown me away and is definitely my find of the year. I wasn't expecting great things to be honest, and was so on the fence that it went in and out of my basket several times but oh my goodness, I'm so glad that I decided to try it out.

The packaging is very similar to the Urban Decay skin primers, which is why it first caught my eye - although I haven't tried those, they've been on my wishlist for a while.

Promising a soft focus, radiant and lightweight finish, this peach coloured gel formula glides on and - to my surprise - really delivers! My fine lines were noticeably softened and it added a really lovely glow as well.

Best of all, the blurring effect lasted very well so my skin was still looking better hours after applying. I am so impressed with this stuff - from the hygienic sleek pump packaging to actually living up to its promises, I think this outperforms the expensive Figs & Rouge HD Soft Focus Primer I've been using.

I'm definitely going to need to stock up on this.

Colour Correcting Fluid | £2.50 

As well as a kick ass primer, a good colour corrector is an essential for me to try and sort out my dark, tired, baggy under eye situation. This concealer is again modelled after the Urban Decay Naked Colour Corrector Fluid, which I have tried in the past.

It's a creamy fluid with a pale peach tint, and although it does brighten up my eyes, I prefer the thicker, more matte consistency of the Bobbi Brown Corrector as it has way more staying power and better coverage.

On days where I feel that my skin needs less though, it's a good choice and the packaging is very elegant. If you just have a few shadows from partying a little too much this would be ideal, but I usually need more help than that these days!

So those were my discoveries for this trip - I'm so pleased with the tailored trousers and those standout tasselled flat mules especially and I'll be stocking up on the amazing primer for sure. Have you been along to Primark lately?


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