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Wednesday 23 January 2019

Above all, style should always be fun. So why does it sometimes feel like such a headache?

I feel like I've spent much of my adult life trying to work out what I like, but over the past few years I've begun to feel like I finally get it. It's probably an age thing, but I feel like I've gotten to know what suits me in terms of colours and shapes, and what I will actually wear as opposed to what's destined to hang unloved in the back of my wardrobe.

My goal is a fully integrated, well edited wardrobe that epitomises my style, covers everything I need and excites me. It's a dream closet based around neutral shades, gorgeous materials and beautifully made basics.

I love women with thoughtful style, a mix of sophistication and tailoring with a darker, grungy edge. And although you will totally find me rocking leggings, an oversize jumper and a messy mum bun on days when I'm late for the nursery run, I definitely aspire to more.

The Conscious Consumer Approach 

As this is officially my Year of Living With Less, I've taken a new approach to shopping this year, and I've made plans. My aim is to approach my closet as a curator - thinking about what I want my future wardrobe to look like, considering which items I really need and defining my personal style. Impulse shopping is absolutely out, and considered purchases which are lovely quality and will really fit with my existing clothes and my lifestyle are in.

Mapping Out Style

Technology has really been my friend when it comes to staying organised, and I've been able to use various apps to help. First up: the inspo. Pinterest is the ultimate mecca for finding your style tribe and defining the look you love. I keep several different boards - ‘Style Messiah’ is where I pin up those outfits which make my heart sing. ‘Outfits By Numbers’ is for infographics that pair items together, show them styled up multiple ways, or lay out a capsule wardrobe. And ‘All Black Everything’ celebrates my undying passion for outfits of that hue! On my Pinterest board, certain pieces crop up time and again - the perfect leather trousers or the dreamy silk shirt - and that's what I then know I need to buy.

I use ‘OneNote’ for all the many, many lists in my life, and as you might expect, there is one for clothes! I keep a list of these key items - some I already have, and what's left is what I know I need to buy. Lastly, I find the ‘ClosetSpace’ app massively useful for cataloging what clothes I have, and saving outfit combinations as a reminder, so I don't have to think as hard. Which is great news for my sleep deprived baby brain!

Using the 80/20 Method For Clothes 

In general daily life, I've found the Pareto Principle to be something that makes my life better. I try to use it at work, I've applied it to my diet - and now I'm using it for my clothes shopping also. The 80/20 wardrobe plan is simple - 80 per cent of your purchases should be planned out key pieces that enhance your current wardrobe (this is where my inspo boards and list comes into play).

These pieces should be quality items that you put thought and effort into researching - strategic additions to either replace or upgrade much worn items or fill necessary wardrobe gaps. The other 20% is free for great chance finds, trend pieces and unforeseen new needs. It's an approach that combines discipline with a little creative freedom and flexibility.

My Key Pieces for 2019

With the above approach in mind, here are my planned purchases. My goal is to source some of them pre-loved if possible, or take advantage of them going on sale.

  • Handpicked Collection Cashmere Travel Wrap - I've always wanted a pure cashmere travel wrap. They can be worn multiple ways, are cosy, lightweight and so stylish. 
  • Paige Denim Straight Cut Jeans - Jeans are one of the hardest working items in my wardrobe, like most people. Despite this, they are also one of the items I've tended to spend less on, which is the wrong approach. I'd love to upgrade these trusty basics with some great quality jeans. 
  • Ted Baker Camel Wrap Coat - A gorgeous wool coat will literally never go out of style and is a great investment, and I love the details on this one. 
  • Zadig & Voltaire Slogan Wool Jumper - I have such a thing for slogan jumpers and this one is perfection. I love it so much! It would look crazy good with leather trousers or even a mini for a night out. 
  • Self Portrait Star Mesh Dress - OK, this one is definitely a bit indulgent. I adore Self Portrait designs and as a special treat, if I manage to lose my baby weight by sticking to my diet and exercise, I plan to treat myself to this stunning dress. 
  • Celine Thin Mary Sunglasses - These shades are super classic, luxurious and beautifully designed. I think they'll be a timeless addition to my wardrobe. 
  • Issa Silk Jersey Wrap Dress - A great day to night piece that would be great for work or play, I feel like this is a dress that would never let you down and that you'd have for years. 
  • All Saints Papin Leather Jacket - I'm a little obsessed with leather jackets and All Saints designs are so stunning. This one is my favourite and I've been a little obsessed with it for a long time, so I want it to join my wardrobe this year. 
  • Petit Bateau Breton Stripe Top - Breton tees are so much a part of my style DNA and I own a fair few, so I want to get one of the best in the business, the OG of bretons, from this French label. 
  • Everlane Modern Point Loafers - As Queen of Flat Shoes, these beautiful, simple, high quality loafers are what my wardrobe is crying out for. 
  • Ralph Lauren Boyfriend Shirt - An immaculate white shirt in a relaxed fit is just such a great thing to have and I feel like I've never really found one I loved so far. This could be it! 

So, these are my planned purchases this year. What are you planning to add to your wardrobe for 2019?

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