Tili Mini 'Go Flawless' Collection | Review

Tuesday 10 April 2018

The marketplace for minis is feeling very crowded all of a sudden, isn’t it? 

With a new beauty subscription box seeming to launch every month, there’s seemingly no end to our appetites for bite-sized beauty treats. 

These boxes can be a wonderful way to discover new products at their best, or a useless accumulation of mini tubes of primer and face serums at their worst. I seem to have become a bit of a scarlet woman when it comes to them – instead of picking one box and sticking with it, I generally work on a month-by-month basis, cancelling and renewing as I see things that take my fancy. 

Sure, it does remove the element of surprise a little, but I’d sooner know that I’m going to receive something I’ll use rather than yet another second-rate hair serum (looking at you, Percy and Reed, who seem to be in every second sub box I get…).

One box that really did capture my attention when it launched was Tili (Try It Love It). This was a bit different from the others in that it only ever appears once every three months or so, its packed with lots of full-size products but it costs around the £30 mark, you know exactly what’s in it before you order, and it seemed to be packed with buzzed-about brands and items you’d always wanted to try. 

But the very premise of these selections is to be hit and miss and the last couple of boxes hadn’t inspired me to order. So Tili, it’s been a while…
Obviously trying to take a bite out the cheaper monthly minis market, Tili has just launched their ‘Mini Go Flawless Collection’. 

There’s no word on if this is one off, or if we can expect them to appear regularly – my feeling is that they may be dipping their toe into the water to see what the reaction is. Billed as a ‘perfectly-sized capsule collection of the must-have makeup of the moment’, for the lower price of £12.00, you got seven products, all from great brands. 

There was some chat on the Tili Instagram from people saying a few of the items seemed to be leftovers from the advent calendar they released, but that sold out before I could order one. This seemed like a good deal to me and I eagerly awaited the launch, with the promise of a regular Tili box to follow this month as well.
So what was inside?

Tili Holographic Makeup Bag

Being obsessed with make-up bags, the fact that this collection of great beauty bits came in one was all the trigger I needed to hit ‘add to basket’. I don’t think you can ever have enough little bags and pouches in life, and this one is an eye-catching holographic vinyl that’s totally wipe-clean and ideal for taking away with you.

It’s a really nice finishing touch and just adds to the great value of this collection. Bags that come with minis or as GWP can be quite flimsy but this is nicely made with a chunky silver metal zipper embossed with the Tili logo.

I’ll definitely be using this if I go away over the summer.

Becca First Light Priming Filter

The first big hitter, I always love to discover new primers, and this one had been on my list to try for a while, so it was a definite selling point of the bag!

A lavender-tinted potion, this is supposed to deliver a soft-focus finish that brightens up dull skin and neutralises sallow tones. I love anything with light-diffusing particles in like this, and am all for a dewy gleam, so this definitely sold the collection to me.

My skin is so much dryer at the moment with the crazy pregnancy hormones and all the reviews I’ve seen online say that this really does give that coveted sheen. However, everyone’s skin is different and products like these are always subjective, so its nice to be able to try it out before paying full price.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Highlighter

So excited with the addition of this beautiful highlighter to the box. Tarte products are always amazing, and this is so creamy and such a beautiful peach shade.

With micro-pearlescent flecks that mimic the natural distribution of light (cosmetics are so complex these days) this gives a pretty, soft strobe effect and lasts really well. This is definitely one of the best powder highlighters I’ve tried - I’ll be purchasing another when this runs out! 

Doll10 Hydrogel Lipstick | Nude Rose

After receiving a liquid matte lipstick from this brand in another beauty sub box, I really fell for this brand. It was one of the best matte lip formulas I’d tried, really living up to it’s velvet promise. Now this lipstick looks set to rock my world in a similar way!

One swipe delivers a creamy, dense colour with a beautiful light sheen. The gel-like texture feels really light and hydrating and is super comfortable to wear. This pretty peach-pink shade is ideal for spring and summer and also doubles up as a gorgeous, sheeny blush shade.

The perfect chuck-on-and-go lipstick. 

Bareminerals Shadow Quickie Cream Eyeshadow Stick | Pewter

This is something I already own and love- I use it most days. A long lasting cream shadow that doesn’t crease, it comes in a handy crayon format that makes it so easy to apply. It’s so handy for my rushed mornings. You don’t even need to spend time blending- swipe on and get out the door.

The colour is more of a gentle rose gold than pewter, but it’s the sort of flattering neutral metallic that suits everyone. Often I’ll just put a sweep of my bronzer in the crease, scribble some of this on my lids and then add mascara if I’m in a rush.

The result is a sort of polished natural look, perfect for a day in the office or a weekend lunch date.  Although this is nothing new to me, it’s really nice to have a backup for a product I know and love. 

Nails Inc Nail Polish |Chelsea Garden

Nails Inc is my favourite brand of nail colour and this comes at a good time for me. For a couple of years now, I’ve been getting gels applied at the salon, and although I would sometimes paint over the top, more usually I’d just leave it until the next appointment. So I haven’t really been using much nail polish.

Now I’ve had them taken off and decided to go with my natural nails for a bit, and it’s just the right time for a deep, sophisticated red like this to come into my life! It’s the sort of classic shade that everyone needs in their collection.

I’m looking forward to giving my natural nails some TLC with this.

Pixi Flawless & Poreless Primer

Although I wouldn’t have thought putting two primers in the same set was a great idea, I’ll give Tili a pass because I do love a great skin finisher, especially one with blurring powers!

This promises a seamless, silky finish with a cashmere texture that also clears and unblocks pores. It also has titanium dioxide to protect the skin, so it sounds like a pretty nice formula. It doesn’t feel slippery like a lot of the more heavy silicone primers so it’s nice to use, especially for oilier skins. 

Jay Manuel Beauty Ultimate Lip Stain | Smile

This isn’t a brand I’ve come across before, but QVC are actually great curators when it comes to brands and if they choose to put something with the likes of Becca, Pixi and Tarte, then I’m going to trust their judgement.

This bright magenta is a hybrid formula- combining the pigmented punch of a lipstick, the shine of a gloss and the nourishment of a lip balm - in a handy crayon format. Quite a good idea really!

It glides on and isn’t tacky at all, and there’s a bright hit of colour there that still has the semi-sheer ‘popsicle’ look of a stain. So quite a lot to love! This would be great for summer evenings on holiday somewhere hot. A great discovery. 

Tili has pulled it off again and I love how this collection is so accessibly prices when there are some great brands and products in there. It’s a beautiful little bag of beauty joy and I really hope they produce more of the same! Definitely the best thing I’ve had through the post in a while! X

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