The Pregnant Pause | Week 15 Update

Monday 29 January 2018

Wow, 15 weeks of pregnancy gone, just like that. I’ve now passed into the second trimester, and realised that I’ve barely mentioned anything about it. I documented pregnancy updates when I was expecting Theo, so I’d like to try and do the same this time.

At 15 weeks, the baby is now beginning to hear our voices and become sensitive to light. But so far this one hasn’t been much like my last pregnancy.

For a start, I had some morning sickness at the beginning – nowhere near as bad as a lot of mothers experience, so I can’t really complain. Just a general queasy feeling when I woke up before I would eat breakfast, and having to be careful when brushing my teeth as it made me retch a couple of times.

This surprised me a little as I never experienced anything like that with Theo and felt generally fit and well most of the time. For the first couple of months, I only wanted to eat very plain, inoffensive food like plain toast and mashed potatoes, but now that’s lifted and I’m eating a huge amount of fruit and making loads of smoothies – I want anything fresh!

It’s not that we don’t care, but it feels like Seb and I have barely discussed this baby ourselves. Life is so full on with an active 2-year-old, us both working full time and trying to get some renovations to the house done. We are so pleased about it but at the same time a lot of the mystery and the ‘what ifs’ that you experience and discuss with the first one is less strong now– I guess we feel that we know more what we’ve let ourselves in for this time!

I’ve been fairly tired and low-energy for the past month or so, but I don’t think that’s actually all pregnancy related! This week I’ve been making a real effort to be more proactive with my fitness to try and right that a bit. When I was expecting Theo, I was walking a few miles to and from work daily and I went to the gym until I was 7 and a half months pregnant – and I’m sure I felt better for it. This time, I’ve been super lazy ever since Christmas and barely been doing anything.

So on Sunday I forced myself along to a meet-up for local runners. I managed a steady 5k and I felt much better for it, so I want to keep that going. I’m also starting pregnancy pilates classes this week. They’re as much to meet other mums as anything, as you don’t get all the antenatal classes this time around where you tend to meet mummy friends.

Occasionally, it hits me that I’m going to have two kids and I do panic a little bit! There’s no way of knowing how it’ll be or how they’ll get on at this point. Theo definitely understands there’s a baby on the way – he’d told his nursery before I did! Sometimes, if he’s eating grapes or something, he’ll offer one to the baby, pointing it at my tummy, and if you tell him to say hello to the baby he’ll kiss my tummy, which absolutely melts me its so cute. But 5 more months is a really long time to a two-year-old (although very short to me!) so I don’t know how abstract it all is to him at the moment.

I’m definitely feeling more relaxed about getting everything sorted second time around – we already have pretty much all of the stuff we need. At the moment, we’re not sure where in the house the baby’s nursery will be so I can’t think about decorating yet. We’re in the process of having our roof redone and some dormers added to the third floor, and we’re not sure yet if we’re moving our bedroom up there at the same time, or waiting. If we move up there, the nursery will be up there too, in what will become our dressing room. So its all a bit up in the air.

The 13 week scan was just as magical as last time – more so, as I had my head around it this time, whereas with Theo I was still shocked that we were actually going to be parents and felt quite detached up until I saw him on screen.  This time I took it all in a lot more and enjoyed every second. Luckily, this baby was in the right position and I didn’t need to go to the lengths of dancing around, drinking ice water and Coke and going for a walk that I had to get my stubborn little boy into place!

My bump has come so much quicker this time, I probably look more than 15 weeks along – I’m hoping that just because it came along earlier doesn’t mean it will get any bigger overall! Last time I didn’t really wear maternity clothes. I just wore the looser items in my existing wardrobe for most of it, then switched to a really limited selection of stretchy leggings and oversized vests. I did want to burn them at the end though!

This time, I’ve actually bought a few pieces with the intention of having a maternity capsule wardrobe. I’m ready to wear them already, and this time I realise how long you can be in them afterwards as well! So it seemed like more of an investment this time around. This weekend I emptied out my wardrobe, took all my ‘civilian’ clothes upstairs to pack away and just hung up my maternity wear. I don’t want to waste time in the morning trying to work out what still fits me and what doesn’t!

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