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Saturday 18 November 2017

What is your personal wellness goal? It could be finding more energy, getting your glow back, sleeping better at night or welcoming more calm into your life.

Often it feels like we’re fighting against nature – our 24/7, always-on society makes it nearly impossible to switch off, and I often feel we cause ourselves harm by moving further away from the natural rhythms in life – from the order of day and night, the march of the seasons and the beat of our own circadian rhythms.

Hello Day believe that too, and its inspired their tailored approach to wellbeing through the seasons. If you’ve noticed your energy levels dropping, your skin and hair becoming dry and dull and a general feeling of sluggishness as the seasons change, you aren’t alone.

Although I absolutely adore autumn – the jewel-like colours of the leaves changing, digging out the ankle boots and scarves, and taking crisp, cold, sunny walks with a spiced latte – I really do struggle with the darker mornings and nights. I’m normally a morning person, but now it's that horrible feeling where you just feel drained all the time.

I try to fit a lot in – I work full time as a marketing manager at a university, I have my family life with an active 2 year, we’re doing up a 3-storey house, I have this blog to run and I’m training to enter a half marathon. It’s a crazy rush, and I can’t afford to feel any less than great, or things start to suffer.

And there’s where a supplement regime like Hello Day offer can really help – prevention is definitely better than cure! There are four seasonal kits available, each with a range of vitamins and minerals to support you through the changing seasons naturally.

I’ve been trialling the autumn box over the past few weeks to be able to give an honest verdict. It’s a beautifully presented kit containing four supplements:

Beauty Boost

If you’ve been suffering from dull, dried out locks, patchy skin and peeling nails, this could be exactly what you need to help. The rapidly changing weather, lack of sunlight and creep of the central heating are not great for us.

This food supplement is packed with skin-loving goodies like Horsetail and Cystine (a plant extract and a protein found in eggs) that will strengthen your hair and nails and encourage them to grow. Vitamins B6 and C promote healthy skin, and Selenium and Zinc are powerful natural anti-oxidants that fight damage from pollution in the atmosphere and have an anti-aging effect. The little capsules are easy to take and along with a good skincare regime they can really give you your glow back.

Digestion Cleanse

Feeling sad and bloated? It is a lot harder to stick to a healthy regime as it turns darker and colder – I just want to drown myself in mashed potato – so its no wonder we can be left feeling low energy.

A lot of this is down to our gut health, which we really need to look after, as having a biodiverse environment there supports our immune system against a host of autumn coughs and colds, as well as having a big impact on energy levels. Apparently, during the Summer, we can experience a build-up of toxins in our systems, and when you couple that with a less healthy diet in the Autumn, its no wonder that a major mental and physical energy slump is the result.

So it’s the perfect time to do a seasonal detox to support your system, and the box includes some dissolvable sachets packed with natural extracts including Rosemary and Chysanthellum which support the liver, Lemon Balm to help metabolise toxins, and Tamarind to improve digestion and banish the bloat.

Vitality Balance

The second box of capsules is the one that will help you get out of that seasonal slump, because it helps to reduce tiredness and lowers the risk of seasonal depression. I think most people in the UK suffer a bit with Seasonal Affective Disorder – it’s difficult not to when everything is dark, cold and grey – so this was a welcome boost. With Magnesium, which helps with that worn out feeling and promotes natural sleep patterns and Siberian Ginseng Root for energy balance, Vitality Balance is perfectly designed for navigating through the season.

There’s also Rhodiola, which helps with physical and mental alertness (down with the dreaded brain fog!) and Passionflower which promotes calm to help you deal with cold, dark days. I love the thinking behind this supplement, which is perfect for combatting that low energy feeling that comes at this time of year.

Immunity Shield

I dread getting ill like nothing else, because I simply haven’t got time for it. If I get ill, I fall behind with everything, and you can’t really snuggle on the sofa with a boxset feeling sorry for yourself when you have a toddler – I often say that mums aren’t ‘allowed’ to be ill, because we’re always on duty, regardless of if we feel rotten or not.

So I rely on my soluble Vitamin C tablets and a boatload of antibacterial hand gel to try desperately to keep the germs at bay. Feeling tired or stressed (welcome to life as a working mum) can actually lower your immunity and cause you to catch viruses easier, so Immunity Shield has been formulated to support you with a  big dose of Echinacea, Ginseng and Vitamin C to give you a boost. There’s also Elderflower Fruit Extract which has an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral effect on the body.

So Did It Work?

I wanted to give the supplements a full trial before posting about them, and I’m happy to say I believe they’ve really supported me with my wellness goals this Autumn.

The supplements are so easy to add to your routine, and they’ve really been supporting me to re-find my get-up and go. I’ve found getting up in the mornings not so much of struggle, and have felt less drained at the end of a busy day.

Using the Hello Day supplements also inspired me to take another look at my diet, which had slipped a bit, find some nourishing, warming recipes, and make sure I’m getting the nutrients I need to lead a life that’s all go go go. I feel like I’ve got my glow back – more energised and less sluggish.

If you have dietary requirements, it’s good to know that all the Hello Day supplements are gluten and lactose-free and not packed with artificial colours and flavours and lots of chemical nasties. It’s a natural way to support your body through the changing seasons.

It’s everything you need, all in one box. So if you’ve been feeling under the weather, it’s definitely worth a try. Investing in your wellness is always a good idea!

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