It's Only A Flesh Wound... Beauty Routines To Be Careful Of

Tuesday 24 October 2017

There is a lot of pressure on women to look beautiful now, and while the balance is swinging somewhat, a lot of people go for the quick fix. There are so many options out there if you want to beautify yourself in a certain way, and there are so many common beauty regimes also, but are they dangerous?

There are some great routines out there that give you exactly the results you want, but some come with very big risks. So let's have a look …

Fixing Your Nails 

A gel manicure is a very popular and quick method to do your nails now, but with this manicure comes a few concerns. Firstly the gel itself will dry out your cuticles. The other big issue is putting your hands under UV light, which can be unsafe if you use it over long periods of time. It can age your hands, and it can cause dark spots, so the jury is out on this right now. If you are concerned, try to limit your time with your hands under these UV machines. And after this is done, and it's time to remove the gel, the removal process involves soaking your fingers in acetone, which is a big dehydrator of your nails and your skin.

Taking A Sunbed 

While we are on the topic of UV lights, a lot of people go for this option to get a good quality base tan before they go on vacation, and it can be very addictive, because of the wonderfully bronzed skin you can get. But as it has been commented on a lot, UV lights in sunbeds and tanning salons are linked to a rise in skin cancer, specifically a malignant melanoma. And it's important to know that the symptoms of skin cancer can take up to 20 years to show. So while going on a sunbed once in a while is generally viewed as okay, it's important to not get into the habit of going.


Opting For Liposuction 

There are various methods of liposuction, and it is very common now, but the big thing to take away from this is to look at how long it can take to recover. If you look at the Sculpture Clinic website for a blog on how long recovery from laser liposuction can take, you can see it takes a few days. And if weight loss is a big concern, there are some other ways to suit you, such as natural weight loss, which is also discussed on that website.

Breast Surgery 

The draw of increasing your breast size or having a breast reduction is a very popular choice for women who are unhappy with how they look, and the health concerns have been spoken of before, but the two main ones would be the risk of infection in the course of surgery, as well as chronic pain, which can last for life. By going for this surgery, in many ways, it is playing a game of Russian roulette. You will have pain after the surgery, but sometimes the pain can last for life.

The pressure is very big on women to feel beautiful and look beautiful, but feeling beautiful on the inside is a very different thing to how you look on the exterior. If you are opting for any of these types of beauty regimes, it's always important for you to do your research, and ask if they are what you really want.

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