How To: Entertaining As An Entrepreneur

Monday 16 October 2017

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Getting started as an entrepreneur is never easy. Your area of passion might be beauty or passion or even blogging. Sometimes working online can be really lonely. You can feel quite disconnected from the people that have the most influence on your success. Your affiliates, colleagues, and customers would love a chance to spend more time with you.

And meeting them in person gives you a chance to really show off your talents and ideas. So why not throw an event at home and invite the people you want to talk to most?

Dressing Up

The first thing you need to do is dress up your home ready for the big day. You might hire in some chairs and chair decorations so you can position your audience for a presentation. Will it be high-tech or low-tech? If the weather is good, you might seat everyone in the garden and make use of a gazebo. Or if you’re in the house, consider a few decorations. Don’t forget to have some leaflets, brochures and business cards printed up.

What will you wear? If you’re in fashion, then you need to make sure you’re wearing the outfit that shows off what you can do the most. And if you’re into beauty or cosmetics, make sure you have something to protect your clothing while you do demos! If you’re entertaining at home, you should still wear some incredible shoes - slippers won’t cut it today! Decorate your products table appropriately to best highlight the items you sell. You might want to bring in some extra lighting.


Food and drink are both really important. This is true whether you’re entertaining a few at home or hundreds at a conference centre. Make sure you have some good quality refreshments available. Napkins, plates, and glasses are also essential. For something a little different, you might visit for some drinks ideas with a twist.

All food should be bite-size when you’re planning a meet-and-greet. The idea is to promote conversation, not inhibit it with lots of food! Presentation of the food is just as important as your presentation of your products. Keep it attractive but functional. It should be fun but not become the whole conversation point.

Your Presentation

The point of your event is to talk more about what you’re selling. But a hard-sell approach is really off-putting. You need to have two-way conversations as well as your big presentation speech. Encourage engagement and interactions between you and all your guests. Help everyone feel relaxed and become friends. This is about networking too, remember.

Your presentation shouldn’t be too long, but it needs to be packed full of interesting ideas and events that make any long journey to you worthwhile. Your approach should be clear and informative. Consider the order of the ideas you want to present. Try to make it visual and dynamic. You might have a staging area with you and your product at the front. Don’t be afraid to try a circle seating so everyone can get involved with sharing ideas too. Are you ready to boost your business in person?

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