Letters from Lake Garda | Day Three OOTD

Thursday 4 May 2017

Day three is when you really start to relax into your holiday, isn't it? Home and all its cares begins to seem very far away.

Of course, holidays when you have a toddler are a little far removed from what you may have been used to, pre-kids. For a start, they still involve waking up at the crack of dawn - but when you get woken up with a cuddle from your little one it isn't so bad.

The days are pretty busy too, and I haven't actually read a single book yet, which is definitely not like me on holiday. But I have been busy making some great memories with my little boy.

As I type, there is a serious thunderstorm going on with some of the loudest thunder I have ever heard! Luckily, today was pretty nice weather in the end although we had planned to visit the aquarium so we'd be indoors if it wasn't.

Lake Garda is an amazing place for a holiday. Not only is the scenery breath-taking and the food delicious, but there's also so much to do. You can reach Venice, Verona, Florence and Milan easily, or there's quite a few adventure parks and other attractions.

The Gardaland SeaLife Centre, is one of them, and I was so excited to take Theo there. He absolutely loved it, especially seeing the sharks in the tank tunnel and he squealed with delight when we got to the sea lions. Seeing his little face light up as he dashed about yelling 'Fish. FIIIIISHHH!' was so cool.

Day Three

Breton stripe chiffon blouse | H&M
Tan jodphur style trousers | Polo Ralph Lauren
'Vectra' metal stud leopard loafers | Topshop
'Le Pliage' small rucksack | Longchamp
'Erika' matte tortoiseshell sunglasses | Ray-Ban

Today was a day to be quite comfortable, and I'm never more at home than in a Breton top! I have so many, but this one is perfect for summer as its a light chiffon material. I paired it with my jodphur-style chinos, which are a new purchase. They're super relaxed but have little cuffed details at the ankle that are a nice point of difference.

On my feet, I went for some leopard loafers. These ones are awesome because they have badass metal studs (I'm two parts professional, two parts suburban mum and one part repressed teenage goth to be honest...). They just give a little bit of bite to quite a classic outfit. Plus, I love to clash leopard print and stripes.

I carried my failsafe Le Pliage rucksack. It folds flat and is ultra lightweight, plus really smart. I've used it so much since I got it that I really don't know how I managed without it! Then I wore my faithful 'Erika' shades - they're the ones that live in my bag and the ones I always turn to.

On my little outfit shoot, I was totally gate-crashed by Theo who decided that he wanted to join in. The rest of the time he sat on a sun lounger and art-directed the shoot!

Hoping for sunshine and blue skies tomorrow after this storm has cleared!


  1. I don't know whether it comes weigh age it recently when I am looki for holiday clothes all I honk of is Ho comfy they are going to be! Your loafers look beautiful and definately good with chasing after a toddler!

  2. The Sea life centre sounds incredible. I live the big tunnel walkway things where it feels like you are under the water.
    Great outfit as always. Glad you're having a good time.
    V <3

  3. I love everything about this outfit! Especially the slight matchy-matchy thing you have going on with Leo!
    I have a Longchamp bag and really like it. I'd love to get another one, and that navy is lovely. A rucksack too! I want it! :P