The perfect red? | MAC x Charlotte Olympia

Wednesday 6 April 2016

Hands up, red lipstick used to freak me out. It just seemed so bold, so assertive. Far too confident and attention grabbing to suit my character.

Red lipstick was worn by proper ladies, Golden Age of Hollywood starlets and sophisticated women.  It wasn't for the likes of me.

But over the years that's changed. Perhaps it's an age thing,  or finally feeling more comfortable in my own skin and not so apologetic but I now totally love reds. There's nothing more foolproof when it comes to feeling badass, classic and polished.

I eased myself in by way of orangey colours that didn't feel as challenging or grown up. But you know what? I am grown up (shocking, I know). I have a career, a mortgage, a husband and a baby.  It's time to stop pretending I'm not a proper adult.

And I think I may well have found my new favourite red!

This title was previously firmly held by Chanel Rouge Coco in 'Rebelle', which became my party red but was still perhaps too bright and shiny to feel right for day.

But now this stunning Mac x Charlotte Olympia matte lipstick has stolen its crown. The colour? 'Leading Lady Red'. Isn't that just fabulous? No better name or shade for a girl wanting to be the heroine of her own story.

The colour is a flattering deep medium red - dark enough to hint at sophistication but bright enough to flatter the complexion. It has pink rose undertones that balance the shade and make it quite wearable, especially if, like me, you can find very blue-toned reds challenging.

The texture is matte, but it's quite silky although not super hydrating either. It goes on smooth and opaque and once on, the lasting power is great, as you may expect, leaving a bit of a stain behind.

I just really love the colour, which seems somehow easy to wear yet still impactful. A lower-key red for days when the likes of 'Lady Danger' are just too popping.

Also, the packaging is totally beaut. I have a major thing about perspex, so I love the chunky, clear casing that shows off the gold inner tube. L. O.V. E.

The collaboration with the British luxury accessories designer also features two other matte red shades of lipstick, amongst a total of 20 pieces including loose pigments, liner and polish, all equally special looking, right down to the cardboard boxes which feature little red lips and spiderweb prints with cute teal inners.

The collection is inspired by 'pin-ups, silver screen sirens and the bygone era of old Hollywood glamour.' I'd say it fuses that notion perfectly with a jolt of the super modern.

Pick up the Mac x Charlotte Olympia collab here.

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