The Modern Girl's Guide To Empowerment

Friday 22 April 2016

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Empowerment is term that’s gained a huge following over the years.

Ultimately, the term refers to confidence, positivity, opportunity, and support. Anyone who empowers themselves can also empower others by setting an example.

There can be both subtle and significant ways to empower your behaviour and decisions. If you want to live a more conscious and empowered life, read on for some inspiration.

Spread Positivity

We have more opportunity than ever before to have our voices heard.

You’re probably lucky enough to live in a country that allows you to vote. You may have your own blog or another platform on which to share your opinions. Even in small ways, we can be heard via Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube comments.

This had both positive and negative repercussions. Cyber-bullying and internet trolling to harm others with words are now well-documented.

It is more important than ever to ensure that we are using our voices responsibly. We can empower ourselves and others by being kind. Leave positive comments and feedback. Offer constructive criticism but do it with a good heart.

Having a voice and being able to express yourself is a privilege that not everyone enjoys. It can be a great source of empowerment to use it for good.

Pakistani activist Malala has used her voice to protect and empower others since she was a teenager, for example. She now has a Nobel Peace Prize to show for it!

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Educate Yourself

Education can take many forms. It can be formal or informal, social or academic. But making a conscious effort to address gaps in your knowledge and make use of your intelligence is always positive.

Many people don’t achieve their goals not because they don’t have talent but because they lose hope and don’t pursue things.

Stay determined. Gather knowledge in all its forms. Read widely and stay open to new experiences. Having a broad and varied education, even if it’s not from a school or college, will open doors in your life. It empowers you to make the most of your own skills and interests.

Many then choose to empower others my teaching, or simply by setting a good example.

Get Involved

Investigate causes that mean something to you. If you feel strongly about something, that energy can go to positive use and benefit others.

Take part in voluntary work or broaden your mind by listening to speakers like those at the Live Laugh Love Ladies Club.

Research causes online and think creatively how you might be able to contribute. It is easy to feel powerless when we learn about the suffering and problems of the world.

But getting involved and contributing to efforts even in a small way can be very empowering.

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Love Yourself

Perhaps one of the most powerful things we can do in modern times is to love and accept ourselves.

Social media platforms often mean that more people than ever now feel under pressure to be “perfect”. Interestingly, many people make no attempt to improve their knowledge or personalities. But they invest time, money, and effort into their looks.

If their confidence and self-acceptance doesn’t improve on the inside, all the outer changes in the world won’t make them happy.

Try to empower yourself by considering your good qualities. Nurture them and grow them so they form your identity. Enjoy your looks and appearance by all means, but don’t allow others to define your own idea of beauty.

Be your own version of beautiful, and empower yourself from the inside-out.

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