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Monday 7 March 2016

Here's a super quick Face of The Day. Quick is all I have time for now in the mornings with Theo to see it, even more so now that he eats solids as breakfast can be a bit of a slow process! 

I've come to rely on a small handful of products that I know are easy to apply and work hard. A good tinted cream for my skin, a strong concealer, and a simple clean eye with some fluttery lashes.

Here's what I used to create this everyday, simple go to look:


Mac Lightful C Tinted Cream Light Plus
Amazing Cosmetics Concealer Golden Fair
Makeup Revolution Radiant Light Powder Breathe

I've stopped wearing foundation for everyday. Instead, I rely on an all in one cream to give me coverage and skincare. 

Pairing this with a great quality concealer gives a finish I like and hides my dark circles well. 

I top everything with an illuminating powder. I love this one from Makeup Revolution because it gives a beautiful soft focus finish.


Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Blush, Bronze and Brighten Golden Hot

For my cheeks, I just swiped a little bit of the blush shade from this cheek palette on and left it at that. I've never been a massive fan of blush before, but a little bit makes you look more awake which is really needed for me at the moment.


Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Shadow Creme De Nude
Bourjois Little Round Pots Eyeshadow Utaupique
Loreal Super Slim Liner Pen
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Millie Mackintosh Portobello lashes 

My eyes are where I spend the most time. First, I swipe on a nude cream shadow to even everything out and take down any discolouration on my eyelids. 

Then, I add in some taupe shade to the crease and outer corners to give depth. A swipe of liner and then I also add some lashes. I can't do without them! They really help me to look more awake. 

It seems like a fuss to do them but I'm so quick now I can pratically pop them on in my sleep. I love Millie Mackintosh lashes the best and I always try to pick a feathery, more natural style for day.


PS I love You Lip Liner 01
Vaseline Lip Therapy Queen Bee

My lips I finish super quickly by filling them in with liner and swiping on some lipbalm.

And there you have it, my quick and easy everyday face look. Whats your go to look?

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