Makeup Revolution £5 Heroine Set | Review

Tuesday 12 January 2016

I used to say that Makeup Revolution was one of my favourite budget make-up brands.

Now I just say it's one of my favourite make-up brands full stop. Almost every single product I've tried from their range has performed amazingly (not just amazingly for the price). There have been a couple of things I didn't get on with, although I think that would be the case in any range, but mostly I've been wowed.

For beauty junkies, it's a cost effective way to grab a fix or try a new type of product. For make-up beginners its a way to gather a whole kit of great quality items.

Recently I treated myself to a couple of items for my collection, and this little kit was one of them.

The ‘Heroine’ collection would make an ideal little gift but I just bought it for myself, because I'm greedy like that! It was just £5. £5!!! I just couldn't resist at that silly price.

For the £5, you get a small make-up bag, a lipgloss and a mini eyeshadow palette. Absolutely great value and I already knew I'd love it.

The main reason I wanted this was for the bag. I'm a little obsessed with make-up bags and little pouches, and this one is in every girl’s addiction, rose gold.

It's fairly small and slim- ideal for popping into a handbag, or holding brushes inside a larger travel makeup bag if you're going away.

Now obviously it's not real leather, but it's got an amazing buttery soft feel to it that is great. In fact, the only down side is that the material is so soft it scratches and marks quite easily. The ‘Makeup Revolution’ wording is embossed into it on one side.

I love the minimal, sleek design and the pretty colour, and I think this looks far more expensive than it is. I'd happily carry it in my bag.

The mini eyeshadow palette isn't given a name, but the shades in it are all taken from the ‘Iconic 3’ palette, which in turn is a flawless dupe of Urban Decay’s ‘Naked 3’. I own and love both of the above palettes and I thought it was quite useful to have a mini version, for taking away with me. Or just to cut down on some of the overwhelming choice for every day use!

There are seven shades here - two mattes and five shimmers. The two matte shades are a light bone colour, great for highlighting and a light beige brown which makes a perfect transition colour, so they are very useful inclusions.

With the shimmers, there's a light creamy nude pink, a rich copper, a mink taupe, a pomegranate pink and a dark brownish-grey.

All great shades, and they give you lots of possibilities, from a smokey eye to a bold metal look to something more neutral.

The eyeshadows are always the joy of Makeup Revolution products, as they are so creamy, blendable and pigmented, really top quality.

It's a great little kit and even if you have the large palette, still a useful addition.

Completing the set is their Intense Lipgloss. I was actually a little disappointed with this to begin with. I hadn't tried the lip glosses before, but the name sort of led me to believe this would be quite densely pigmented, sort of like a Mac Vamplify or something, almost a liquid lipstick deal.

Well, that was my mistake really (I read a lot into the word ‘Intense’, which doesn't necessarily refer to colour). This is actually mega sheer and the pale pink in the tube is pretty much clear on the lips.

I struggled to get enough on my lips to really make an impact. There's a hint of iridescence in the tube which I was looking forward to that also doesn't translate on the lips, which is a shame. It's a pretty plain gloss all told.

Where it would be good is for putting over lipstick to add a bit of subtle shine. It needs reapplying quite often but it's not sticky, which is something in its favour.

Overall, this kit is tremendous value and worth it for the pretty makeup bag alone!

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