Important Considerations to Make Before You Tie the Knot

Saturday 21 November 2015

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Tying the knot is a huge deal. It’s supposed to be for life, so of course, it’s a big commitment to make.

It means different things to different people too. Some people look at it as a ceremony to celebrate their commitment to their partner. Others do it in the name of their religion.

Regardless of your beliefs, there are a few considerations you must make before you tie the knot. Take a look:

Are You Both Ready?

Both partners need to be ready for this Big commitment before you tie the knot

If one is ready and the other has reservations, you can’t force them into it. Nothing you say will convince them truly that this is a good idea. You need to let them come to those conclusions on their own.

You should know when you’re both ready for marriage and everything that comes afterwards! It’s not just about the fancy wedding day, but what happens afterwards too!

Are You Doing This for the Right Reasons?

You should be getting married for the right reasons. Because you want to spend your life with your partner! Not because you want a big party, or a pretty dress. These things are just bonuses.

Don't forget the bigger picture . Life won’t change too much after you are married. It won’t suddenly be ‘happy ever after’. If you haven’t sorted out old issues, don’t expect them to magically disappear once you’re married.

Can You Afford it?

You should never go into debt over one day. People spend thousands more than they can actually afford on their wedding. Try to keep your wedding day within your means.

Look at these Ritani engagement rings here  to decide how much you want to spend on rings, as they are the only things that will last forever. Then consider anything else that’s essential.

Think of all of the holidays you could go on with the money you spend on flowers!

Do You Have the Same Vision for the Future?

It’s so important that you and your other half share the same vision for the future. After all, you’ll be in it together! If one wants kids and the other doesn’t, then this could present problems later on.

Do You Have the Same Attitude towards Money?

Money is one of the main causes of arguments between couples. If you don’t have the same attitude towards spending and saving, this could cause you problems later on down the line. 

Make sure you’re financially on the same page. Getting married can be beneficial to your financial situation, but that shouldn’t be one of the main reasons for getting wed.

Can You Work through Problems Together?

Working through problems together like adults is essential. You both need to communicate until you come to a solution. You are not the energy, so it shouldn’t be about point scoring or who can insult who the best. You are supposed to be a team.

If you’ve made these considerations, you should know for sure whether marriage is for you yet. If you’re not ready right now, that doesn’t mean you won’t be ready later on. 

However, you’ll need to work through any issues first to be sure you’re both right for each other!

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