Save Money on the Real Deal with Affordable Costume Jewellery

Tuesday 6 October 2015

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Jewellery boxes overflowing with pretty pieces is the stuff of princess fairytales. Yet we can’t all stretch to the likes of Tiffany & Co. So drum roll please as we introduce an elegant alternative. Costume jewellery. Beautiful pieces are manufactured by hand at affordable prices. This means you can save money (or buy more items!)

Dress necks with jewellery  

Add colour and pizzazz to necklines with a carefully selected necklace. Made using a myriad of embellishments such as glass beads, gemstones , and Swarovski crystals, pick a piece that calls your name! Choose the right length chain to suit your neckline and natural contours. Get it right, and you’ll have that swanlike neck you’ve always wanted.

Turn wrists into a wind chime 

Bracelets and bangles are a great way to adorn bare wrists. They work well with short sleeves and draw the eye to the slenderest part of your arm. They also add colour and texture when worn over long sleeves. Jingling bracelets and bangles chime rhythmically when worn in tandem. Dance to a sweet rhythm as you show off your wrist pieces with pride.

Listen out for ear accessories 

Earlobes will transform with the likes of Venetian Murano glass. Or how about gold and silver filigree instead? Dainty, drop and chandelier - whatever length you desire, seek and you shall find. Clip-on earrings are a rare sight on the High Street today. However, online stores offer a good range of pretty pieces. Whether pierced or clipped, there are 1000s of designs to choose from.

Approach broaches with confidence 

If you associate broaches with older ladies, then think again! With the vintage style well and truly here to stay, younger women are catching on to the joy of broaches too. Broach designs keep pace with fashion trends so are always in vogue .  And they jazz up plainly styled jumpers and cardigans to give the modern girl an edge. Build up an eternal collection of pinned broaches and clothes will never be dull again!

Tame wayward scarves

Fabric and silk scarves are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Delicate wisps of material look stylish indoors. However, when the wind blows outside, scarves can quickly take flight! Dainty scarf rings are the ideal solution for controlling errant neck ties. Retaining an old-style elegance, go out dressed in a pearl-encrusted creation and dazzle at the office.

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Browse bridal collections 

Brides  who are seeking a cost-effective array of accessories for the Big Day often turn to costume jewellery. If bare necks, wrists and ears require some dressing up, costume jewellery will set off your wedding dress with aplomb. Likewise, bridesmaids and mothers of the bride can enliven outfits with costume pieces too.

Buy a gift 

Costume jewellery is the perfect gift  . Treat yourself to a new addition to the jewellery box. Or pick something pleasing for a friend or partner. An accompanying gift box does justice to the elegant item inside. Plus, it’ll win you points for making that extra effort with the presentation.

Suitable for day and evening wear, accessorise your favourite outfit without remortgaging your home!


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