My Incredibly Useful Handbag Guide

Tuesday 27 October 2015

A handbag is an essential accessory for nearly all of us women! A handbag can not only finish off the outfit, but it can help define your style too.

There are many reasons for choosing each handbag. The style, the fabric, the colour and the size are just a few of them.

I honestly cannot live without my handbag. In fact, I might go as far as to say I live in my handbag. Everything I could possibly need during the course of the day is in there. I have lipgloss for every morning and night of the week.

And all my essentials are thrown in and out every day too. But each of my handbags was chosen to coordinate with one or more outfits. This means I may have quite a lot of handbags around!

When I’m choosing a handbag, I pick leather almost every time. While the smell is nice, I’m more concerned with the quality of the look. I’m happy shopping in store or online.

I love browsing styles like Shinola products and other quality brands. Specialists tend to have more styles and sizes to see.

My casual handbags are soft leather. They’re feminine and relaxed in style. They might have some detailing like a chain or buckle. But it’s the way they slump down that appeals to me. The soft leather folds in on itself beautifully.

I love tan colours for a casual look because it works so well with jeans and denim. It adds extra form and structure when I’m in my leggings too.

If I’m in a short length dress, I love having a clutch bag. I try to colour coordinate it with the dress. Alternatively, I pick this season’s colours like the greys and the pastels that have been so popular.

Some clutch bags are made of soft man made fabrics . These can be textured to compliment your dress, or add some extra detail to your outfit.

This pic was provided by Flickr

I love the stiffer, formal handbags that are dominating the sales tables right now. The Totes are amazing. This season’s cherry reds and purples are just starting to appear, and I just love these colours with a silver trim.

The length of shoulder strap is always so long on a cross-body bag! I prefer a handbag where this is adjustable. These are heavier as well, so I like to carry them on my arm more than using a strap. Messenger bag straps are just so much more comfortable!

Every girl has got to have a black leather cinch bag. These are like bottomless bags. An amazing amount of cosmetics and essentials can be pushed into these things!

Best of all, they go with almost every outfit I have. Some come with an array of straps, from a wrist strap up to a mini-backpack strap. So cute.

I do own a lot of handbags, but I pick them based on what they would work with. I like several different styles, so there really is a bag for every occasion. What’s your favorite bag and why?

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