Making your big day magical: what you need to know

Sunday 11 October 2015

Ever since you can remember, I bet you’ve pictured the most magical big day where you and your prince charming walk down the aisle and live happily ever after.

You’re probably well aware by now that happily ever afters aren’t usually the case. Life isn’t a fairytale. There are arguments, and obstacles to overcome.

That being said, your wedding day will be one of the most magical days in your entire lives. If you want yours to be extra special, here’s what you need to know:

Tell the Guests Your Story 

If you want your guests to know how special your day is to you and feel the love, why not tell them your story? There are loads of creative ways you can do this.

Have a table set up as people go in filled with pictures and even cards explaining crucial elements that led up to this big day. You can then ask them to share their favourite memories of the pair of you. They can write it in your guest book, or you can think of another creative way for them to do it so you can look back on it later on.

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Focus on the Decor

The decor will help to set the scene for your special day and can really enhance the venue. You can get married pretty much anywhere if you have the right decor!

Sometimes you don’t need to spend that much time decorating if you pick an amazing venue, but this isn’t always possible. Just use your imagination and you can create pretty much any look you like. Pinterest is a big help.

We used vintage looking white birdcages, giant white paper pom poms and mismatched cups and saucers to dress our reception venue and give it a personal touch.

Think About What Matters to You as a Couple

When you consider what matters to you both as a couple and not just one of you, you’ll both have a much better time. What do you both like to do? It might be something you both like to watch on telly, read, or somewhere you like to go.

Try to include it in your wedding somehow to create a day to remember.

We went for a tea party theme as we both love our afternoon tea, and the table names were called after Napoleonic battles to reflect Seb's love of history.

Forget What Others Tell You

Don’t listen to what other people tell you about weddings  - unless you asked for their advice.

You’ll get a lot of unsolicited advice from people on your big day, and you don’t have to take it. You shouldn’t let anything anybody else says cloud your judgement. This is your day and it needs to be special to you, nobody else.

Consider How You’d Like to Remember it

How would you like to remember your big day? A big guest book, or a fancy video edited by somebody talented? There are lots of unique ideas. The way you choose to remember your wedding is important; it can make you feel like you’re reliving it all over again!

We chose our photographer very carefully, as the memories they capture are so important. I also had a wishing tree, where all the guests wrote on paper labels that were attached to the tree.

We saved them to read when we came back from honeymoon to cheer us up, and then stuck them into our wedding album afterwards - the picture above is my Nan a writing her wish for us.

At the end of the day, all you need to make your big day magical is you and your other half. Anything else is a bonus! Just relax, take deep breaths, and enjoy this day. The less you stress, the better it’ll be!Bm-4ghcJX-9kaZWb-5Jdmf1-7Zjgzg-dPxJHP-5JdkZY-4ytG49-8u14ez-4ytMU3-5J956M-5JdmjG-5J95f6-5J95ct-5Jdm6U


  1. I adore this post! We have just started looking at venues so this is a great help - I love the idea of sharing our story!


  2. Love love love this post <3

  3. Amy @ AmyBlogsChow19 October 2015 at 10:01

    Great post as always :) Getting married can be a stressful time so its nice to hear your opinion!