Welcome to the World Theo

Monday 21 September 2015

It is with so much love in my heart that I'm really pleased to annouce (at last!) the birth of our little son, Theodore Athow-Frost - or Theo for short.

Documenting my pregnancy on this blog has really helped me to process and share the journey, from all my uncertainties and fears when that little blue line first showed up ona  test, to the frustration, joys and funny moments through the last 9 and a half months.

We can't believe he's finally here, life since his arrival has been a dream, and we've been so overwhelmed with love from our family, friends and neighbours. 

Sometimes you turn on the news and wonder what kind of world you're bringing children into, but people's reactions since Theo's birth, and their kind wishes have certainly reminded us there is more good in it than the news would have you believe sometimes.

As we get to grips with new routines and experiences, - not to mention the sleep deprivation -  coverage may be a little patchy on here, but I love blogging dearly and am going to be keeping it up and hopefully sharing Theo's development from here, alongside life, make-up and still all of the pretty things.

Theo finally arrived 14 days overdue, after three days in hospital, and 15 hours of labour that was both everything and nothing like I expected. 

He was 7lbs 80z of pure heaven in a little bundle, blinking at the world from a beautiful, rumpled up, grumpy little face. And already he's changed infinitely in the space of a few days.

Our new little sleep-deprived family!

All the cliches are true. He was worth every moment of the horrid wait.

We both fell madly, instantly in love with him and our world changed in an instant. He became the hero of every story, the centre of every feeling and the light in every darkness - all without even trying.

So, here's to more new adventures. We're going to enjoy every minute.


  1. The biggest congratulations ever!!!!! Xx

  2. Congratulations again Sarah! Theo is such a gorgeous little boy! Hope you're both doing well. xo

  3. Congratulations! He is such a gorgeous little bundle x

  4. Such a beautiful post! So so happy for you :) can't wait to see you & meet the little guy!

    Charlie X


  5. Congratulations again Sarah on the safe arrival of your previous little boy Theo. You are a truly beautiful little family. Treasure every single moment, it goes so fast!!