Week 32 Update

Thursday 9 July 2015

Hello my lovelies

Another two weeks have flown by, and I’m now at 32 weeks pregnant – the baby is the size of a pineapple now apparently, and I hope he stops there!

Everything is feeling very real now. I decided that I finally felt ready to get the nursery sorted out (too early felt like tempting fate a bit), so we’ve set up all his furniture now.

Looking at the cot makes me feel so overwhelmed with excitement and love – I can’t believe there will be a little person occupying it in just a matter of weeks. The room is coming together and looks really smart. I’ll do a post on it when its all sorted out and finished, perhaps after he comes.

Physically, I’ve been feeling a lot more uncomfortable due to the humidity at the moment. No matter whether I’m sitting down or standing up, nothing is very comfortable for long, and going to sleep at night is quite hard. Luckily, I am generally sleeping through the night when I get to sleep. I’m staying up later at night which is nice as it feels like there’s more of an evening, but I’m also waking up fairly early, which I like.

On a couple of nights this week, I was woken up by strange abdominal pains and the baby moving around lots. The first time I actually worried it was the beginnings of labour, as I’m not 100% sure what that feels like.

I don’t know if it was a Braxton Hicks contraction or just down to lying in one position for too long, but both times it was painful enough to wake me up each tine. The pain came in waves for about 15 minutes, but went away after I got up and walked around a bit. It was quite odd and a little worrying. It makes me feel like he might be early, even though that’s rare for a first baby.

He’s moving around a lot at the moment, so that’s reassuring. Its hard not having any scans for so long because you just want to know that everything is all right.

I had a very reassuring midwives appointment this week though. They listened to his heartbeat and its strong, all my blood test results came back clear and showing really good iron levels.

The baby was a little bit behind where he should have been on the size charts previously, but he’s caught up and everything measures bang on the average for 32 weeks now. He’s also moved into the right position, with his head down – in the jump seat ready to be born!

Sometimes with a first baby this doesn’t happen until labour starts, so its good to know he believes in planning ahead! It was a really reassuring, positive visit.

The results of my diabetic screening also came back clear, so that’s a relief. If you are at higher risk for developing gestational diabetes, its an extra test, and as my dad is diabetic I had to have it.

Basically they do a whole load of blood tests, make you drink a bucket of Lucozade, you then sit around for two hours at the hospital and then have the blood tests repeated to show how your insulin levels react. You have to fast before the test and mine was rescheduled because the first time, I got up in the morning and ate a bowl of cornflakes on auto-pilot, which messed it all up!

I used to be so scared of needles but with all the blood tests I’ve had lately, I can safely say that’s over with! Its nice because after he’s born, I will be able to go and give blood, which is something I’ve always believed I should do, and never had the courage to.

This week, I also went along to one of four classes I’m down for at the hospital. This one was about looking after yourself physically during pregnancy. It was led by a physiotherapist and included lots of helpful exercises you can do to relieve discomfort and how to safely keep active. The other women on the class were all lovely as well, and it was a much smaller group than my other antenatal classes locally.

On the way out in the lift, I saw a couple who had just been discharged with a very tiny newborn son in his car seat - I couldn't believe how small and perfect he was. The dad was beaming away, proud as anything - the mother just looked utterly shellshocked though! Its so weird to think that will be me and Seb very soon.

I arrived very stressed though as work is still stupidly busy. I had an event on the day of the class and I couldn’t leave the office.

The class started at 6.30 and I was still in the office at 6, even though I came in at 8. I started panicking and stressing that I’d miss the class.

I basically had a meltdown. Seb had to bring the car into town for me so that I could drive to the class – I don’t drive in as there’s no parking at my office. It made me realise that I can’t be that stressed and I need to cut down on work.

It’s a lot easier said than done though as I’m a one-person team and if I don’t do things, they really don’t get done. I’m hoping last week was just because we had so many events to deliver, but it was pretty horrible. It left me feeling like I can’t wait to go on maternity leave.

Still going to the gym as well, which I think is helping with my general health. I haven’t had any puffy ankles or bad backs to speak of yet, and I think that’s because I’m keeping active. I was going to stop the gym at 7 months, but now I think I’ll just keep going as long as I can.

My reduced pregnancy routine is:

• 15 minutes on the cross trainer, level 5
• 15 minutes power walking, on a gradient of about 7, to a speed of about 5
• 10 minutes on the stationary bike, level 7

Its not an awful lot, and its only two times per week, but its keeping me up and about.

I also walk about 8-9000 steps a day as I’m still going to and from the office on foot along the riverbank. The other day though, with all the events, I notched up 16,000 steps in one day, which is ridiculous.

There’s still a couple of baby items we need to get – a car seat and a chest of drawers for all his little clothes, plus a few storage baskets and things.

But mostly I feel prepared now – its just a question of when he’ll make an appearance!

Til next time.

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