Holiday Heroes: Travalo Pure Excel Atomiser

Tuesday 9 June 2015

It’s obvious by now that I’m really obsessed with travel solutions, from mini toiletries to innovative storage solutions to help you look good on the go. 

I love to find great products that help streamline packing, and I’m going to be sharing a few gems. 

Today I’ll be looking at the Travalo perfume atomiser.

Transporting scent on the go used to be a really hazardous business.

You either took the risk that your £70 glass bottle from Chanel would shatter in transit, you wrapped it in a plastic bag and layers of socks and prayed for the best, or you forked out for a travel version of your favourite-  if it was available.

A Travalo is the answer to all of these worries, made super easy.

Now you can take whatever scent you like, and instead of having to fork out to get the travel size as well, you can refill this little atomiser from any bottle and pop it in your day bag, a clutch for a night out or into your suitcase.

It couldn’t be easier to use. You simply unclip the top spray nozzle from any perfume bottle, leaving the little white ‘stalk’ exposed, place the Travalo on top lining up with the little hole in the bottom of the atomiser and pump it up and down to fill it up.

I love how easy and ‘no mess’ this is. 

I’ve seen other atomisers where you need to try and unscrew the whole cap and pour from the bottle, which a) is a big risk that you’re going to spill all your lovely perfume and b) its not even possible to unscrew the whole cap from a lot of scents.

The casing of the Travalo is really tough and leak-proof, yet lightweight. Its made of an aluminium substance, and it comes in a big range of ten different colours. 

It has a plastic outer shell that you can store the atomiser in, or its sturdy enough to carry on its own.
The glass on the side allows you to see at a glance how much fragrance you have left.

I purchased the ‘Travalo Pure Excel’. The main difference between it and the regular one is that the window on the side is not made of glass, and its approved to take on any aircraft. 

It also can hold 65 sprays instead of 50 for the regular one – that should easily last you a couple of weeks unless you like to drown yourself in perfume.

If you want to switch fragrances, you’ll need to clean your Travalo out. 

You can do this by purchasing a travel spray bottle, filling with water and then spraying away to clean out the interior. 

I think that’s the only part that’s a bit of a pain, so if you don’t wear a lot of different perfumes, you may want to get one for each of your favourites. Or just cocktail em up!

This little gizmo makes taking your favourite scent with you so much easier and hassle free. 

I also prefer carrying a smaller bag during the day, so I’ve never really had room for perfume. I relied on little samples before, but then of course you end up with whatever you have with you, rather than a specific scent. 

The Travalo allows me to fit some scent into the smallest clutch, perfect for travel or big occasions.

You can pick one up from Amazon here or Boots here


  1. I've been carrying one of these for years now, as has my boyfriend. A salesman in the perfume shop in our local mall introduced us to them. I like to have several for all of my different scents!


  2. Ooh this is such a great idea for on holiday and also just to have in my handbag for touch ups during a work day xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty