Week 26 Update

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Hello All

Here we are at week 26, can you believe it? It still doesn’t seem five minutes ago since that little blue line on my test, or the wonder of having my first scan. Now I’m 6 months pregnant!

May has been quite a busy month, and I’m definitely feeling the need to slow down this week. I’m starting to feel this odd kind of cumulative tiredness. 

I’m sleeping okay at night, and going to bed by 10pm at the latest, but it still seems as if I have an energy deficit at the end of the week.

This Bank Holiday weekend, I went down to London for my sister in law’s hen do. 

As you might be aware, the little man is actually due the same week as the wedding, so no one is sure how that’s going to work. So I wanted to make sure we were present and correct for the hen do at least! 

I was a little bit worried we’d find it hard going and slow every body down, but it wasn’t a big, raucous night out type of thing anyway. 

We did some shopping in Covent Garden, had a picnic in St James’ Park, went to the Chelsea Flower Show on the Saturday and had dinner and trip on the London Eye in the evening. 

There were only four of us – me, the bride Ella, my other sister in law Kirsty, and Kate who is Ella’s best friend and we know well, so that was a lot more relaxing. My mother in law joined us at Chelsea and then two of Ella’s other friends came down on theSaturday evening, but it was all very well behaved – no flashing veils, L plates or disgusting shots!

I was a bit nervous before going, but we had a lovely time. 

I even managed to find the most beautiful hand drawn charcoal Paddington bear sketches in Covent Garden, which of course I had to snap up for the little guy’s nursery, which is going strong with its new Paddington theme. 

I was sharing a room with Kirsty who looked after me very well indeed. The flower show itself was amazing. I’m not much for gardening (although now that we’ve moved I’m going to have to get a lot better as we have a bigger one to take care of!) but it still blew me away with the levels of creativity – and there were a section of Alice in Wonderland themed gardens I loved. 

Its given me lots of ideas for transforming our garden.

At the moment, patio doors at the back of the kitchen lead down some steps onto a bit of bare concrete next to an ugly (but too useful to get rid of) pebble dash garage. 

There’s some more steps beyond that, down into a long lawn that’s bordered by the canal. It’s a nice space, but quite featureless – just lawn and a fence. 

But now, I have grand visions. 

I want to whitewash the garage and then train bamboo and jasmine to grow up the sides to soften the ugly. We’ll slab over the concrete and add lots of potted plants, ferns and perhaps a mirror or two to make the awkward passage between the garage and the house like a little tropical haven. 

Then we’ll break the garden up into sections – a section with raised vegetable beds, a little greenhouse and our chicken run, then perhaps an arch leading through to a big section of lawn with flowered borders and a family seating area. 

We need to fence off the canal bank to stop children falling in, so I’m planning a fence with a gate that leads onto a bench and a little wildflower ‘meadow’ area by the canal back – the adults-only bit of the garden where we can sit and have a G&T in the evenings. 

Of course, I think it will take us several years to do all that, and nothing is going to happen this year with a baby arriving, but its good to have a project!

The baby feels very big now and is still continuing his daily pattern of kicking me to pieces – the thing is, if it doesn’t happen, I get really worried now. I like to feel him doing his daily gymnastics! 

The name ‘list’ is now up to two possibles – one is a clear favourite though, so I’m pretty sure that’s what he’ll get!

Clothes wise, the little man has amassed so many – there simply wouldn’t be enough space to do a post on them all, so I’m planning an ‘edited highlights’ post to show a few things he’s got waiting for him already. 

Its gotten so much that I am now calling a ban on any 0-3 month clothing for him because I don’t think he’ll have time to wear it all before he grows out of it!

I’ve definitely getting slower at walking and more tired after a normal day, so I’m looking at using up some of my annual leave and flexi time before the baby comes over the next three months to make
life a bit easier. 

I don’t want to start my maternity leave until a week before my due date, as I reckon I’ll just be sat around feeling anxious about the birth – and it means less time with him after he’s born. 

But luckily I have a workplace with lots of other ways for me to reduce my hours in the run-up to him making his much awaited appearance.

Until next time..

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