May Glossybox Review: Sass, Etre Belle, Zerreau and more...

Wednesday 20 May 2015

No sooner had I landed back from my babymoon holiday than May’s Glossybox landed on the mat. It definitely helped to get rid of my post-vacation blues!

If you’ve never seen these, Glossybox is a subscription service. You pay £12 every month in exchange for a beautifully wrapped selection of beauty treats coming to your door.

The box is a great surprise every month, a brilliant way to discover new favourites (and stock up on minis for going away). 

Plus, its just nice to get something through the post that isn’t a bill! Products are usually ‘deluxe sample’ size, with regular full-size treats thrown in. And the value of the box far exceeds what you pay.

What was inside the box this month?

The theme of this month’s offering was ‘Summer’s Calling’ – all those products you need to get prepped for warmer weather.

SASS Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate

£12 for full size

First up, this beautifully packaged little bottle. A brand new product, SASS is designed to give you heavenly skin after hair removal. It soothes the skin while cleverly helping to minimise future
hair regrowth as well.

The formula is moisturising but packed full of exfoliants, such as salicyclic acide and fruit enzymes to stop any annoying ingrown hairs in their tracks. 

I don’t have a massive problem with ingrown hairs, but I do dislike the bumpy look my bikini line gets, so I’m looking forward to testing this out and hoping it will tackle the problem. It’s a formula that’s gentle enough to be used on areas like the bikini line as well.

Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam

£7.95 for full size

Although I sadly won’t be gracing any festivals this summer, like most girls I’m still a regular user of dry shampoo. 

All the formulas I’ve tried have been your traditional spray powder in a can, with varying levels of success. Some feel like they leave a weird sticky deposit in your hair, which I hate. But this is the ‘next-generation’ of dry shampoo – a weightless foam that cleanses the hair without the need to rinse. 

I think this looks like more of a ‘clean hair’ experience than stuff like Batiste, and so would be more suitable for situations where you can’t wash your hair, but perhaps less successful on the volume front, which is what a lot of people use dry shampoo for. 

It does have a beautiful, fresh green apple scent that smells amazing. This might also be useful for when you’ve overdone it on the styling products but haven’t the time to wash your hair thoroughly.

Collection Cosmetics Field Day Lipsticks


A rare fail in my eyes! I really rate some of the Collection products, but the lipsticks are not generally one of them, and everything about this, from the shiny white and orange plastic casing to the fluorescent pink colour is just a whole heap of no. 
This went straight into the charity shop pile! 

Its also a matte finish, which I’m never a fan of – I prefer a moisturising formula and not having to faff around with balms and exfoliators just to add some colour. And it did look quite chalky and rough on my lips. 

The colour is quite luminous – I’m not shy of a bold lip, but I didn’t find the shade flattering at all.

The only positive I could see was that it stayed on for several hours without budging, which was impressive. Not my cup of tea at all though!

Etre Belle Aloe Vera Ultra Moisturising Gel

£15.93 for full size

Aloe vera is a wonder ingredient for stressed out, parched summer skin and appears in most aftersun formulations. But as this doesn’t mention ‘aftersun’, I was a little confused as to whether that’s what its intended for, or if its supposed to just be a daily moisturiser. 

Can I put it on my face? Will it sit well under make-up or become a greasy mess? 

It does look lovely and hydrating, but although I know there are gel moisturisers floating about that have been widely praised, it’s not a texture I’d select for a face cream. 

However, I am intrigued and will be giving this a try to report back! The only thing I would point out is that for this fairly small tube, the price is ridiculous for what you get – aloe vera gel can be found for much better value elsewhere. 

I would expect lots of extra bells and whistles if I was paying this price – anti-agers, sunscreens, that kind of thing.

MeMeMe Enchanted Eyes Dual Ended Eye Wand


Blue eyeliner seems to be a summer mega-trend, and it was only on the plane home I was admiring pictures of Khloe Kardashian rocking the look at some awards do, so I was really pleased to receive this. 
Blue and navy tones are really flattering on amber eyes, so I have experimented with dark blues before, but I was really drawn to the turquoise colour on one end of this. 

They are very shiny, intense colours that look beautiful on the swatches I did and I’m really looking forward to having a play with them properly. You also get a dark blue with silver glitter in on the other end, so this is great value for two popping eye shades.


This month’s box delivers over £39 worth of product for the £12 outlay, so its another great value result. 

Although I haven’t had a chance to properly try them out yet, I know I’m going to love the
MeMeMe eye crayon colours. 

I’m keen to try the Zerreau foam shampoo and the SASS skin finisher to see if I can be converted. With the Etre Belle aloe vera gel, I’m not convinced, but happy to give it a try.

The Collection lipstick was a rare miss for me, but overall still a great box this month.


  1. This really has a good mixture of items, just a shame about the lipstick!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. In my Glossybox I had a Nails Inc nail polish, but it was only the top coat, which I was really disappointed in as I was hoping for a really pretty colour. I really liked the lipstick though, lol. Just shows we ae all different :)