Week 16 Update

Wednesday 25 March 2015

Time continues to race by – I can’t believe I only have 4.5 months to go now!

It seems hard to believe I’m approaching  halfway through the pregnancy already.

Still panicking a little about how much we have to get sorted for the house before the baby arrives, it seems never ending. 

There’s so much kit to buy and so much furniture we need. We still need to get major items like a cot, changing table and a pram sorted. I think I’ll feel better when a couple of those are sorted out.

Its still plain sailing so far (touch wood) with my health, nothing unusual to report there. 

The tiredness is easing up a little bit now – although it still comes and goes – but still no strange cravings to report I’m afraid, apart from the never ending cherry tomatoes. 

My body seems to be taking to this whole pregnancy thing like a duck to water! I’m actually quite enjoying it now that I have a little bump.

It also seems to have given me an ‘off switch’ for my brain. 

I’ve always been a worrier, the type to wake up at 2.30 agonising over an email I need to send or fretting about my to-do list or something other which seems huge at that time in the morning and never really is. 

But being pregnant seems to have magically turned off all that awful internal chatter – its like my brain knows there are bigger priorities now and is just funnelling all that noise off to one side somewhere. 

So that is a magic (unexpected) side effect.

I went to the gym on Sunday and am determined to keep it up as long as possible. 

It makes me feel really good afterwards, although I never want to go at the time (that’s usual for me!). I know there will come a stage where its too much to go, but until then I’m going to keep on being as active as possible. 

I did read somewhere that it makes for an easier, quicker and less stressful labour, as baby is used to mum’s heart racing and that general physiological state.

One thing I did last weekend that was also good for my sanity was cleaning out my overstuffed wardrobe. 

At the moment, we have a small-ish built in closet, and there’s a room on the third floor of the house that we’re planning to turn into a wardrobe room, with rails and racks and all the fittings - eventually (add it to the never ending list of projects in the house!). 

I think I told you I hadn’t bought any maternity wear yet, but I went through andweeded out all the clothes I will no longer be able to fit into for the foreseeable.

Not only does this avoid the depression of looking at heaps of pretty dresses that I don’t fit into, but it allows me to see my (limited) options much more clearly. 

That way I can get creative with different ways of styling up the few stretchy dresses and skirts that still fit! 

I am planning a trip into town in a couple of weeks to buy a few more maternity items. I’m not looking to spend lots, I just want a few versatile items to fill in the gaps of my new, very ‘capsule’ wardrobe.

One of my friends, Emma, was incredibly stylish throughout her pregnancy. 

When I grilled her the other day, she insisted that she hadn’t spend much on her maternity wardrobe – she’d just worn looser pieces she already owned and got a couple of pairs of jeans and loose, stretchy vests from cheaper shops to fit. 

The rest was all clever accessorising! So that’s the approach I’m going for as well. 

I’m actually looking forward to having fewer options in a way, its very easy to get overwhelmed with choice and I reckon most of us don’t wear the majority of stuff in our wardrobes!

Look out for a post on pregnancy capsule wardrobes soon. 

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