First Baby Haul

Tuesday 10 March 2015

So I mentioned before that we hadn’t really bought anything for the baby. 

I had such a delay with my brain catching up with my body and admitting to myself that this was all happening. 

But now, with a definite bump beginning to show and the sudden realisation that I only have 5 months to go until I become a parent, I’ve had to get my ass into gear a bit. 

We still haven’t bought any of the big stuff yet, but we have now collected a few little items that I thought I’d show.

We won’t know if it’s a boy or a girl until our second scan in another four weeks, so we’ve had to keep everything unisex. 

Its actually really hard to do this – there’s not much suitable stuff – so I think there will be a big shopping spree coming after the second scan.

Carter’s Animal Themed Vests

These cute little vests are on safe ground as they’re animal themed! There’s a green one with a monkey on, a brown one with a giraffe, elephant and a hippo and a white one covered with all kinds of little animal silhouettes.

Little Dreams Bunny Fleece Blanket

A snuggly fleece blanket is a must to keep the chills at bay, and I couldn’t resist this one when I saw it recently. I have a thing about rabbits myself (my pet name from Seb is ‘lapin’) so I think there will be a fair amount of rabbit-themed stuff in the nursery.

AC/DC baby vest

This was the very first thing that Seb bought for the baby, while I was still in shock that it was happening! It was so cute he couldn’t resist. 

Our baby is going to be a little rock fan whether they like it or not. I find the idea of mini band tshirts so cute, I think there will be a lot more in this sort of direction to come!

Disney Folding Changing Mat and Messy Mat

This was the first thing I bought, while I was still struggling to process the news. It’s a portable changing mat and a large ‘messy play’ or wipeable mat, both with the same vintage Mickey Mouse design.

I’m sure there will be a lot more stuff to come as well, so I’ll be doing occasional posts.

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