OOTD: Autumn Haze

Monday 13 October 2014

This week, Seb and I have some time off booked. Its just a long weekend at home, but we're both so exhausted by ongoing house dramas that its been a really vital opportunity for us to relax and enjoy some time together.

On Friday, we decided to head into town to grab some lunch at Pilot. Its a fabulous new restaurant and bar, priding itself on 'poultry and Processo' - it has fizz on draught -and it just so happens to be the new place of one of our friends, who is a talented chef. So we thought it was high time we went to try it out, and also we stopped by Home Sense and John Lewis to do some homewares shopping.

It was one of those gorgeous, crisp, sunshiny autumn days that are such a treat. Here's what I wore...

Cream long-sleeved t-shirt - Uniqlo
Mauve feathered gilet - Miss Selfridge
Plum biker skinnies - Primark
Tan ankle books - H&M

I thought a while back that I would stop buying jeans from Primarni, because they always go a bit baggy and sad after a while, but these plum coloured beauties lured me in last time I popped in there.

Love the colour so much, its perfect for autumn. And they're deliciously soft as well. They have little biker stitching panels on the side pockets as well -  I couldn't resist!

And I was really pleased that I got to wear this show stopping mauve feather gilet. This was a Millie Mackintosh inspired purchase, and its one of my favourite things to wear. But the weather conditions have to be so specific to get away with it!

Its quite warm, so it can't be too hot outside or you'd swelter, but equally, you can't wear a coat over it as its too dense, so it can't be too cold either. And definitely no rain, or those glorious feathers would just wilt! 

You only get about two days a year when the conditions and the occaision conspire to make this a practical choice, so I took the chance while I could...

The tan ankle boots were a smart, but still practical choice for walking around town in. The tan colour went really well with the plum and lilac tones in the rest of the outfit, as black would have been too harsh-looking. 

This is the look of the whole ensemble. I was definitely feeling inspired by Made in Chelsea with this get-up, all the purple tones were a little 'King's Road in the Seventies'.

I used a new purchase to do my eye look for the day, and its something I'm in love with - the Makeup Revolution 'Flawless' palette. What a beauty. Full review of this coming soon...

The look I went for was based around a couple of different shades of light metallic taupe and brown, and I finished it off with a dash of this gorgeous cranberry shade under the lower lash line.

I used to be really scared of using red tones on the eyes, but when handled right, they're definitely a good friend to brown-eyed gals. 

Our day out was really good. We found a gorgeous lamp in John Lewis that I now have my eye on for the new place, and we picked up an entire porcelain dinner service. We weren't expecting to buy it, so we did have to carry it back to the house on foot, but it will have been worth it. Things are shaping up for the new place now, I just have everything crossed that it finally goes through this time.

This was the place we went to -  it would be ideal for a few proseccos on a sunny evening, wouldn't it? Wait until you see what we ate - I was disgustingly full afterwards and couldn't manage any dinner!

Yeaaaah! This, my friends, is the Grande Cubano - a massive monster of a cooked meat sandwich, and we had these vegetable fries on the side. Made out of courgette and sweet potato, they were ludicrously tasty -  and the spicy chilli dip they came with was sensational.

Check out the monster! Its a foccacia bread infused with Monterey Jack cheese, gherkins and sauce. You can choose different fillings. Seb had pulled pork and I chose the beef brisket -  all slow-cooked deliciousness. 

Pilot also do amazing wood-fired pizzas and some great puddings too - although I certainly couldn't manage one, which means I need to go back before too long.

So that was the outing and the outfit - have you eaten anywhere stand-out lately?


  1. The outfit is gorgeous .. I need to get my butt over to primark , some decent offerings lately .. Love it!! The boots are fab too xx

    1. Ahh, thank you my dear! I might dig out the gilet again, layered over a leather jacket maybe, for our meet up at the end of the month? So not sure what to wear to that! xx

  2. I have just seen your new blog layout. I LOVE it! xxx

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. I'm a lot happier with it, hopefully it looks more professional! It was from a company called Brand Me Beautiful xx