August Empties: Re-Try or Bye-Bye?

Saturday 23 August 2014

Why does everything run out at once? Or do I just notice it more now that I save the packaging up to do these posts? Or is doing these posts making me use more product?

I guess we will never know. Either way, August saw a host of new empties destined for my recycling tray. As usual, I’ll be asking the all-important question for each: is it a case of re-try or bye-bye?

 NSpa Beauty Rituals Hot Cloth Polish

Once upon a time, this stuff was pretty much a holy grail product for me, and I included it on lots of lists of ‘must haves’ and ‘desert island’ products. Its obviously an ‘homage’ to the famous Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, but for a few less pennies!

The product comes in this white pump bottle with a muslin cloth to apply. It feels creamy and ultra-moisturising and for a cheaper product, it performs amazingly. Its packed full of Cocoa Butter and Oil of Neroli, and its very pampering.

In fact, I’m a big fan of most of the NSpa skincare range. They offer good products that always seem up to date with the latest devlopments at a really accessible price. The fact you can pick up their stuff with your weekly food shop is also great.

Re-Try or Bye-Bye?

It’s sort of an ‘adieu’ on this one. I’ve recently demoted all other face washes in favour of Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean, which is turning out to be my holy grail product. I used to use the NSpa stuff at night after cleansing, and a separate gel wash in the shower for the mornings.

Peaches and Clean has taken over both for me, as its invigorating but also creamy and pampering. For now, I’m not repurchasing this. But I do think it’s a great product and I have no doubt that more NSpa stuff is likely to creep into my basket soon!

Tresemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo

This came in a Glossybox and it was the first time I’ve ever tried a product from Tresemme. I’ve been dead against the range for years, as my hairdresser once told me the brand was kicked out of salons for being sub-standard, so I guess I’ve never wanted to try it.

Dry shampoo is an essential for me. I only wet wash my hair twice a week, so dry shampoo is my fix for other days to keep greasy roots and unwashed smells away!

Re-Try or Bye-Bye?

Re-Try. I was pleasantly surprised by this. I really liked the fresh lemongrass smell for one, and it left a lovely fresh, invigorated feeling after spraying – sort of like my hair had just been washed. I usually use Batiste and I don’t find this is the case with that – it stops my roots looking greasy, but feels as if it leaves a heavy residue behind that makes my locks needing a wash more!

However, this stuff had none of the root lifting, volumising effect that Batiste does have (probably due to the ‘heavy residue’ I just mentioned). As a fan of big hair, this is a black mark against the Tresemme. Perhaps they do a volumising version?

If I was going camping (unlikely, but humour me…), this would be my top pick to take. I actually ended up using Tresemme shampoo when I was visiting my mum in Cornwall the other week and I was really impressed, so you never know, I might have to change my opinion on the brand once and for all!

Mark Hill Big Night Out Get the Party Started Shampoo & Get Ready to Party Conditioner

I did do a full review on these two when I first starting using them (its here if you’re interested). I normally try and rotate the shampoo that I use, because I believe that hair ‘gets used’ to a shampoo over time and it stops being as effective. Also because I’m a magpie for new hair products!

But Mark Hill isn’t on my usual rotation. I like John Frieda, Herbal Essences and Tigi and I tend to go between the three. I probably wouldn’t have picked these off the shelf but they came free with the new hairdryer I bought, so I gave them a go.

Re-Try or Bye-Bye?

Possible re-try. I can’t say these blew me away, but they did live up to their ‘second day hair’ promise, so for that reason, they’re useful. If you have really fluffy, unmanageable hair the morning after washing then these might be the answer. I think they coat your hair with something, but they do give a smoothed down effect that is like famous ‘second day hair’ we all love.

That’s very useful, as the packaging suggests, if you have a big night out and you want fresh hair that’s still easy to style. But that’s a very specific occurrence for me (I don’t go out much these days!) so most of the time I just want my hair to feel fresh once washed. I felt that these products didn’t quite give me that feeling.

Andrew Barton Shiny Happy Hair Blondes Have More Fun? Heat Protection Spray

Having bought a few combs from the Andrew Barton range, this was the first product I’ve tried from them. I ran out of heat protection spray and had to grab some in a rush, so I ended up buying this one at the supermarket.

I find it a bit confusing that this is part of his range for Blondes…I mean, brunettes and redheads use heat protection spray too! Of course it doesn’t really matter but it sort of bothered the OCD bit of my brain…

Re-Try or Bye-Bye?

Its really difficult, with heat sprays, to tell if they’re doing their job. My hair doesn’t feel fried, but equally its not noticeably shinier after using this. This smells kind of like lemon Jif and its just sort of inoffensive and generally ‘meh’.

The bold packaging is nice, but I’m not especially sold on what’s inside. I don’t hate it, but equally I’m convinced there’s going to be something much better out there. So for that, and the ‘blonde’ issue annoying me, I think it’s a bye-bye!

L’Oreal Studio Line Matt & Messy Salt Spray

This product has become a staple of my hair wardrobe during the summer months. I’ve always been a fan of straight hair, but over the summer I started embracing my natural texture and movement, which is sort of wavy.

I would either spritz this in and leave it to dry naturally in plaits, or use it with curling tongs to make my curls hold better. It’s great for getting structure and messiness into the hair as well.

Re-Try or Bye-Bye?

Definitely re-buy. This product is a weekend favourite for low-maintenance, cool girl messy hair. I think L’Oreal have changed the packaging recently, like they have with all the Studio Line range, but hopefully they haven’t reformulated this, because I like it just the way it is. Its become a bit of a must-have for me. If I don’t feel like straightening, it’s the perfect thing to pop on and go.

Catwalk by Tigi Session Series Finishing Hairspray

Such a haircare heavy one this time! As a massive fan of Tigi shampoos and conditioners, I thought I would give their hairspray a go. I use hairspray most days, either for fixing my hair if its up, or ‘weather proofing’ if its down, so I go through them pretty fast.

I was drawn to the large container and the promise of it being formulated using ‘backstage secrets’ from stylists. Its meant to condition, add lustre to the hair and prevent frizz – a triple threat spray.

Re-Try or Bye-Bye?

Re-Try for definite. First of all, this worked well with absolutely none of the dreaded ‘crispiness’ – that’s the number one sin for me. It smelt really nice, of vanilla and roses and it brushed out easily but also held my style well. It felt really nice and lightweight – sort of invisible in the hair, which I liked.

The only thing that would stop me repurchasing is that its hard to get hold of. You have to buy it online and I don’t usually want to buy hair spray online – its more the sort of thing I chuck into my basket at Boots. I wish Tigi was sold in the chemists! There is a store near me that sells some Tigi products, so I would definitely pick this up if I saw it.


  1. I'm also a big fan of NSPA... their products are all so amazing and affordable xx

    Gemma |

    1. They are so good for the price, but I think Soap and Glory have taken over pretty much my whole skincare regime at this point! xx

  2. The Salt Spray sounds great, if I'll ever let my hair grow back enough I will surely try it! ;)

    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Oh, you'll love it! Its great for that sexy, carefree, tousled look. An essential! :) x