What's in my suitcase? Trip to Cornwall

Saturday 16 August 2014


Hello my lovelies!

It's another nosey parker post today, showing you what I packed in my suitcase for a little trip down south to Cornwall. Seeing as everyone seemed to like my 'What's in my beauty bag?' post, and also as I really love reading posts of this kind, I decided to do another similar one about what I packed.

This year has been a little weird. We were planning a two week holiday to Cuba next month, but as I mentioned in my Life Update post, plans have changed and that's not an option anymore. So instead I went down for a week in West Cornwall, where some of my family live and the packing was rather different - no bikinis this time, even with the warm weather we've been having.

I do not have the packing light gene, but I tried my level best to be really selective with my choices, and to put together a capsule case that would give me a few options, without being the seventeen pairs of sandals I normally end up taking! 

I fitted everything into the smallest of my suitcases. Its a glossy black hard body case from Constellation. I got a set of these as a Christmas present from Seb a few years ago and they've been all over the place now. 

They're really hardwearing and don't show up all the knocks and scratches easily, plus they have multi-directional wheels that swivel, which is ever so handy when you're carting them along.

This was the fully packed case - full to the brim, as you can see, but quite organised for me! I did that great trick of rolling most of the stuff underneath, which saves space and keeps clothes crease-free, but I flat-packed some scarves on top.

One side has a mesh wall that zips up, so I put all my smaller travel bags, for toiletries and stuff, on that side.

I was down there for five days, and I packed on the optimistic premise that the weather would stay fairly nice. I was planning lots of country and beachside walks, spending time with my family and a girls night out with my cousins Emily and Natalie, so I tried to pack with that in mind.

So, what did I edit my packing down to?


Shoes are the things that I always pack too many of. I end up wearing the same few pairs and I always have several pairs that never see the light of day! They take up so much space, I tried to be really limited with my choices.

1x trainers

Lunar Glide trainers - Nike

Not especially glamorous but an essential for doing some walking! These should keep my feet happy on a stroll, as they’re very lightweight to pack as well. I love the neutral grey colour with the flashes of eyepopping neon.

2 x flats

Grey laser cut sandals – Fashion Union, Nude jelly pumps – Melissa x Vivienne Westwood

I’ve restricted myself to just two pairs of day shoes, which is so restrained for me! These grey, laser cut sandals are comfy, but they’re also versatile. They work with jeans or shorts for the daytime, and if I wanted to wear flat shoes on a night out, they’re also just about dressy enough to pass.

The nude jelly pumps are definitely one of my most worn items since I bought them. They’re also super comfy (I hate having painful feet, kills my vibe) but really smart as well. They’d do for shorter walks or shopping trips – you can even use them as beach shoes as they just wipe clean.

1 x heels

Cobalt cut-out lace-up heels – Boohoo.com

I’m only taking one pair of heels, and it had to be these. In a way, although we think of neutrals as the ‘go with anything’ item, the bright colour of these, which makes them the statement in any ensemble, also makes them go well with a lot.

They’d pair happily with the leather skirt or the sequinned mini I'm packing, but they’d also go with jeans if I decided I wanted a less dressed up going out look. Although I’m generally much happier in flat shoes, I feel like you need at least one pair of heels with you to cover all eventualities!



1 x shorts

Blue cotton shorts - Whistles

I don’t anticipate that its going to be blazing hot, but I’ve packed one pair of shorts in case we do have a ‘beach day’ and I want to be a bit more casual.

4 x trousers

Indigo jeans – Reiss, blue zipped jeans- All Saints, polka dot jeans – Jack Wills, bright blue jeans – Whistles

Jeans are the most practical choice. They can be worn with a t-shirt in the sun and with layers if its cooler, plus they’re practical enough for walking and exploring.



6 x tops

Grey boyfriend t-shirt, black longline vest, navy silk vest – all Primark, Cream boyfriend t-shirt and black lace crop top– both Topshop, navy and white striped long-sleeve tee - H&M

I’ve tried to choose tops that will be versatile and go with jeans easily. Boyfriend t-shirts are my favourites at the moment, they lend a relaxed look to anything but also look great dressed up with a statement necklace. They also pair well with a skirt for a more casual evening out look, so I’ve packed a grey one and a cream one.

My striped long-sleeve tee still has a casual look with the rolled armbands, but can be a little smarter for lunch with my Nana. 

A black longline vest is another potential top for evening paired with a skirt or equally good with the shorts on a hot day. 

The navy silk shell top is again a nice floaty fit, but a is bit of a smarter choice for a day out shopping. The lace croptop is my wildcard item! I can pair it with a pencil skirt for a big night out or layer it over the grey boyfriend t-shirt for an edgy day look.

1 x denim shirt

Soft chambray shirt – Primark

I wouldn’t travel anywhere without a simple denim shirt, because they have so many uses. This functions as an extra light layer, so it can be used as a beach cover-up, layered under sweaters with the collar and hems showing for a chic look in colder weather, or even thrown over a going-out outfit as a light jacket.

2 x sweater

Grey quilted sweater – Topshop, Navy and white striped sweater with suede elbow patches – Primark

There’s always a chance, it being Blighty, that the weather could turn cold, and on long, seafront walks, you sometimes need an extra layer, so I’m packing a couple of medium weight sweaters that can be thrown on over jeans and also over leggings to act as comfies/pyjamas at night when its cooler.

Skirts and Dresses


1 x dress

Beaded halterneck dress – All Saints

This dress is a good double-duty item. The soft jersey material and relaxed fit make it casual enough for the beach or to throw on for a hot day, but the oversized silk bow and the pretty beading mean it could easily pass for a nice meal or an evening out.
2 x skirts

Leather pencil skirt – River Island, sequinned mini – Gorgeous Couture

The two skirt options I’m taking luckily roll up quite small. The black leather skirt can be worn on an evening out with the lace crop top – or a tucked-in boyfriend tee and big necklace, but would also pair well with one of the silk t-shirts or vest for a smarter daytime look. 
The razzle-dazzle sequin mini probably won’t get worn if I’m honest, but if I end up out on the town with my cousins, I might wish I had a racier night time option, so I’ve thrown it in. It would pair will with the black vest or equally with a boyfriend t-shirt.


1 x leather jacket

Khaki waterfall leather jacket – New Look

This will take me from shopping during the day to going out at night. It’s a good idea to have at least one cover-up – this jacket can also be layered over my denim shirt if needs be. The khaki colour is not too heavy and makes this really versatile – it goes with most colours and styles, from jeans to an LBD. The soft drape gives this jacket a luxury look well above its price tag, I love it. Its definitely been a hardworking item since I bought it!

1 x waterproof (NOT pictured!)

Navy blue raincoat - Primark

If you’re planning on walking, you need a waterproof. This navy number was something I bought for a festival as it folds up into its own pocket, which makes it amazing for travel. Despite only being cheap, I love this because its such a flattering fit. It has a drawstring waist and a sweeping hood that look nice on, as well as being practical.

2 x scarves

Orange infinity scarf – American Apparel, feather patterened silk scarf - Cynthia Rowley

I wouldn’t travel without a couple of big scarves. They can weather proof an outfit if it gets chillier, dress up a casual t-shirt, act as an impromptu sarong for beach days or a wrap for the evenings. No way would I travel without one of these babies!


5 x pants, 3x bras

Self explanatory items I’d hope! 1 light bra, two dark (one regular, one push-up) and clean undies for each day of course! I’ve also popped in a pair of control pants, in case I’m feeling less than svelte. I’ve stored my undies in this drawstring pouch, which came from a Birchbox. The idea being that the dirty ones can return in the pouch and get tipped straight into the washing machine.

2 x pyjamas, 1x knee socks

When at home (or in this case, my mum’s house) I like to have what I call ‘my comfies’ with me. This is sort of a loungewear/pyjamas hybrid -  I can sleep in them, but they’re not too obviously pyjamas, so I can happily sit in the living room  in company with them on! They generally comprise soft black cotton leggings and a comfortable top or vest. In the winter, I add a cuddly hoodie and knitted slippers, but for summer, I’ll just take a pair of long socks. If I get cold around the house, I’ll use one of the two jumpers I packed as well.


1 x going out bag

Black cross body camera bag – H&M

I’ve only got space to take one bag option for evening, so this camera bag is my choice. It works for the evening, but also for the day if I’m going walking and want something hands-free and not too bulky. Its more spacious than it looks, and the grained black leather finish bridges day and evening well.

Apart from my large Longchamp Le Pliage, which served as my day bag/shopping bag/beach tote, this was the only bag I took!


Accessories work hard when you’re on holiday -  they’re a way of dressing up items of clothing different and giving yourself options in a far more portable way than taking more clothes or shoes.

I’ve used this polka dot wash bag from Primark as an accessories organiser, it’s a good way to keep items separated and stored neatly. I’ve tried not to take too much with me. I’ve stuck to bold necklaces that will jazz up the plain t-shirts I’m taking, a few bracelets and a watch.


I’ve tried to be really sparing with the toiletries and skincare I’ve packed.  I bought this travel case from Jo & Jo Australia which I love because its gorgeously well made and sturdy, and fits a hell of a lot in.

My daily skincare essentials, all from Soap and Glory -  Make Yourself Youthful Serum, Eye Cream and CC Cream. Steamcream, which can be used on the body and the face for a moisture hit. The Body Shop Beautifying Oil – this is a wonder product with so many uses. I pop it on at night for a deep hydration hit, but it can also serve to gloss limbs, smooth hair, make an exfoliator with the addition of some brown sugar, and so much more – a real travel essential.

I also popped in micellar water and cotton pads, some false lashes, a mini Murad facewash, Lady Gaga Fame scented shower gel and lotion and some Wild Orchid rollerball perfume from Zara. I also took toothbrush and paste, deodorant and my razor. There was also a fold-up magnifying mirror I got from Boots.

For hair care, my faithful Tangle Teezer, a couple of Invisibobbles to tie my hair up, my Denman dressing brush (essential for backcombing and styling). Then some Batiste XXL Plumping Powder - this also doubles for dry shampoo in a pinch, a mini Charles Worthington hairspray and a small Bumble and Bumble thickening spray.

I didn't actually bother with shampoo and conditioner, because I thought I'd just use whatever my mum had in.

This turned out to be Tremsemme Damage Repair. I've always turned my nose up at Tresemme (my hairdresser told me the range had been kicked of salons for being rubbish), but actually using it was a revelation. My hair felt so silky and smooth I couldn't stop touching it, and was noticeably shinier. Consider my words eaten!

In the ‘You Look Lovely Today’ pouch are my hair extensions for if I fancy fuller locks on my nights out.I won this pouch as a prize from Alphabet Bags, and its so cute it easily doubles as a clutch bag for nights out.

Hair Straighteners

I couldn’t travel anywhere without my GHD’s! Out of the question. So of course they come along for the ride, in this cute travel pouch which has a really handy built in heat mat, also from Jo & Jo Australia.If you ever come across their travel accessories, snap them up!


I won’t go into detail about the contents of my make-up bag, because you can see that post here! I’ve taken my ‘everyday’ makeup, plus the Makeup Revolution #Selfie palette.

I’ve also topped up with some lip products – Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in ‘Rebelle’, which is my go-to red, Mac Patent Polish in ‘Innocent’ and Soap and Glory Sexy Motherpucker Candy Gloss, which adds a golden shimmer to any lip look.

My two new Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains also had to come along for the ride, in 'Shanghai Sizzle' and 'London Posh'.

Books & Tablet

On a relaxing holiday with plenty of downtime, I need my reading materials with me! I’m majorly into history, and I borrow a lot of books on social history from the library, so I’m taking a few with me. I also bring my little tablet as back up – it has the Kindle app on so I can access all my books on there as well.


One thing never to forget when you go away! I keep a USB plug and the leads for my iPhone and my tablet stashed away in this leopard print glasses case, which stops them from getting lost and tangled in transit.

I try to keep my case super-organised so its easier to travel back with as well. I love packing for holidays, I actually find it one of the most exciting parts when you’re all full of anticipation and plans! 

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