My Pre-Night Out Pampering Ritual

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Hi Dolls!

These days going out for a night on the town is getting to be an increasingly rare occurrence for me. The days where I was out partying twice a week are long gone, and now I go for quality over quantity! Of course my favourite part of going out is always the getting ready anyway. 

I don’t always have the time, but if I do, I love to have a long pamper session before a night out. This weekend being a Bank Holiday, I had the time to do just that, so I thought I’d do a little post showing all the stuff I do to make my night special and what products get me geared up to go out.

Molton Brown Paradisiac Pink Peppercorn Bath & Shower

I’ll always start with a deep, long bubble bath if I have the time. There’s nothing quite like a scented soak to make you feel relaxed, re-energised and raring to go. I’ll tie my hair up, press play on some tunes (nothing too frantic- usually Goldfrapp or Little Dragon to start off with) and make a ‘bath cocktail’ of bath salts and bubbles.

My favourite bath foam is Molton Brown’s Paradisiac Pink Peppercorn - it just smells heavenly, all sweet and spicy, and it makes lovely soft foamy bubbles – so luxurious!

Kiko Energy Mask

I’ll take the chance to do a face mask while I’m soaking, to get my skin prepped for the evening ahead.

Before applying the mask, I always wash my face thoroughly and use a facial exfoliant to make sure the mask can penetrate properly. So I’ll use some of my current favourite Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean face wash, then swipe over one of my beloved Nip + Fab Glycolic Peel Pads. Then I’m ready for the mask.

At the moment, I’m trying one by Italian brand Kiko. It’s a black gel-texture mask that helps to detoxify and brighten the face, eradicate pollution residues and impurities. There’s black clay and other active ingredients in there and it leaves your face glowing and rested. It’s like a mini facial!

I’ll also use some Collagen Crystal Undereye Patches while I’m letting the mask do its good work, so that my undereye area gets a boost.

Toni and Guy Insights Shine Additiction Conditioner

While my skin is drinking in its mask, I’ll also do an intensive hair mask to make sure my locks are moisturised and give them an extra shot of shine.

I’ve recently rediscovered an old favourite – Toni and Guy Insights Shine Addiction Mask. I don’t think they make this anymore, but the Herbal Essences hair masks are also really great and I always have one of them on the go as well!

I try and pop a hair mask on whenever I’m in the bath, as the steam really helps it to penetrate the hair.

The Whitest Smile Hydrogen Peroxide Gel

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Being immobile in the bath is the perfect opportunity to pop on some teeth whitening gel as well. I like to give my smile a boost ahead of a night out by using the gel.

The best method is to use a cotton bud to apply the gel directly to the teeth, pop in the custom-fit dental moulds that come with your kit, and fit the blue light mouthpiece – this all looks a bit odd, so its best in the bath where you won’t see anyone and you don’t have to talk!

Despite the faff of these, you get really nice, natural looking results and having a brighter smile adds a spring to my step.

Rituals Fortune Scrub

This is the first product I’ve tried from Rituals, and I’m so in love. For one, its very effective and always leaves my skin soft and glowing. Second, and important for a pamper session, it smells amazing. The scent is ‘sweet orange and cedar’ and I love the peppery tang it has.

I would definitely wear the scent as a perfume. It makes me feel very indulged and I’ll be having a Rituals shopping spree at some point soon. The granules are fine and not scratchy, but they’re really effective – it completely eliminates those little bumps on your upper arms. Ideal for getting Hollywood skin!

St Tropez Instant Tan Wash Off Face and Body Lotion

I don’t ever fake tan ‘properly’ because I’m really scared of going too dark or too orange, but I will use wash-off products or gradual tan lotions occasionally.

As I’m planning on wearing a white dress out tonight, a bit of a tan is an absolute essential. Recently St Tropez have launched a line of wash off products, which is perfect.

As you’d expect this product is high performance, totally non-orange, and it evens out all the bruises and marks I seem to get on my legs (call it the hazards of running and gym-going but my legs are always battered up!).

Once on, this stays put and you won’t have any disasters with streaks etc, its completely waterproof until you scrub it off with soap! I like that the effect is subtle as well and one coat is enough to hide imperfections and make you generally look a bit healthier without being scarily mahogany. It’s a definite winner for me.

Kings and Queens Shimmering Body Milk -  Nefertiti Honey

As a final touch, a little bit of shimmer on your limbs makes them look longer and more appealing, so once my tan has dried its on with some of this.

This is a beautiful, luxurious lotion with sweet violet and white tea extracts, and is entirely free from mineral oils and parabens.

I’m obsessed with anything that smells of honey, and the scent of this is delicious. It’s shot through with a golden shimmer that’s really subtle and pretty, and just gives you that ‘lit from within’ perfect glow. Again, this is the first product I’ve tried from this line and its beautiful, so I will definitely be back for more!

Those are the pampering rituals I indulge in before my big nights out - what products do you rely on to get your gorge on?


  1. Ooh I am intrigued by that hydrogen peroxide teeth gel thing. I'm a woman on a mission for blinding white teeth. Will be investigating into this brand soon, I expect. Rosemary x

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