Review: Sleek Showstoppers Palette Limited Edition

Thursday 17 April 2014

Another day, another palette review! You don’t buy one for ages and then two come along at once, eh? 
Well, when I popped into Superdrug the other day, I was sort of on the hunt for the Garden of Eden palette, after seeing Gemma mention it on Makeup Magpie. But there was literally no sign of it, so not sure if they are even stocking it there. 
Of course, being me, I didn’t exactly come out empty-handed, because this little beauty caught my eye. It’s the Showstoppers palette, which is basically a collection of popular shades from the other palettes they do, re-issued as a set to celebrate Superdrug’s 50th anniversary.

I have a long-held love for Sleek ever since buying my first palette from them many moons ago. 

They’re just beautiful colours, so richly pigmented and blendable and such fantastic value.

I’ve re-bought the Storm and Nude palettes a couple of times each. Sometimes the colours they use can be a little bright for me, but I was drawn to ‘Showstoppers’ because it had a real mix of shades, some fairly unusual that I don’t have in my collection. 

And it's Sleek, so you know those shades swatch up real good!Here are each of the shades up close and personal:

Paraguaya – a light peach satin
Sunset – a burgundy metallic
Innocence – a pure white pearl sparkle
Bad Girl – a gold-olive green metallic
Noir- a blue-ish grey metallic
Ultramattes V2 – a matte black

Oh So Special – a matte, dark charcoal grey

Bohemian - a vivid matte coral

Storm – a matte dark navy blue

Sparkle – a warm, golden peach pearl

Au Natural – a dark aubergine with chunky silver glitter

Graphite – a bronze-brown metallic

Of course I love these, but some of the names are very weird. Why is Graphite a brown shade? Makes no sense. 

I think the shades I’ll get the most wear out of are Paraguaya, Sparkle and Graphite. I was really drawn to Bad Girl and to Storm as well, because they’re unusual and I don’t already own similar shades.

This palette is like a ‘greatest hits’ of Sleek’s shades and they’re super. It comes in the classic Sleek matte black compact with the big, clear mirror that’s so useful, especially if you’re travelling. At only £7.99 for all that I think you can justify your love ;)

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