Review: MUA Undress Me Too Palette

Thursday 10 April 2014

Blogging about a new discovery's my first ever purchase from MUA! If you don't know, this is a fairly cheap brand that I believe is exclusive to Superdrug.

I'd never picked up any of their products or really paid them any attention until this palette was mentioned by Donna over at Legos and Louboutins, which is one of my favourite reads.

She went away for a weekend only to find she'd accidentally left all her make-up at home, so she did a really great post about replacing your entire face of products for £30 and this little star featured. Since then, she said that its been a real favourite, which really intrigued me.

 And, at just £4.00, I couldn't resist picking one up to try for myself! 

This palette is aimed as a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, its all there in the name. They also have a rival palette for the original Naked as well... and after trying this little gem, I'm really hoping that they come up with a version of UD N3, which I don't own yet. I do have N2 and I use it insane amounts, its literally one of the most useful make-up items I own.

The prospect of finding a dupe for those oh-so-pretty shades at that low price was appealing. But would the MUA palette be any good?

The palette comes in a slim, white and clear casing. Obviously its fairly cheap and plasticky, but its not horrible to look at. I really preferred the white casing to their usual black casings. Inside, the pans of shadow are fairly shallow, so you don’t get a huge amount of each shade, but at that price, what do you expect. 

The range of shades are really pretty, all wearable and a great match for the N2 shades. If you like nudes, golds, bronzes and browns, you will literally be in heaven.

When swatched, most of the shades are fairly well pigmented. I’d say the metallic shades are better, the matte ones struggle a bit and you have to do several coats – but I’d only likely use them on the brow bone, where you need a sheerer wash of colour anyway.

There are some really beautiful shades in here, and because its so cheap you feel like you can dive in (is it just me that ‘saves’ the prettiest colours in the UD palette for a “special occasion” because it will be so heartbreaking when they run out?).

Here’s a run down of the shades:

Naked - a matte flesh tone
Devotion - a light gold metallic
Shy – a flesh peach metallic
Fiery – a warm bronze metallic
Lavish- a muted brown taupe, slight sheen
Creamy- a mid-brown metallic
Tranquil – a light brown metallic
Exposed – a grey-gold metallic
Reveal – an oyster metallic
Wink- a bright taupe metallic
Charmed – a dark, purplish-brown metallic
Corrupted – a matte black

I have genuine love for all of them, but my favourites are Reveal, Exposed and Charmed, how gorgeous are they! 

These shades pack a far superior punch than you’d expect for the price. They really do last well, especially when paired with a good eyelid primer – perhaps not quite as spectacular as UD (especially on the matte shades), but they will last a full day. This is far better than expected. They apply and wear like a quality shadow – is it just me or have drugstore brands dramatically upped the class of their eyeshadows?

This won’t replace the Naked 2 palette – which is a keeper for me- but at £32 cheaper its an amazing everyday replacement. I love this MUA palette so much, the shades are so gorgeous. I can say outright its going to be a repurchased item, because its so darn useful. If you haven’t tried it, follow Donna’s lead, because this palette is now also my everyday grab and go.


  1. I've never tried MUA either so I might have to give this a whirl. I am totally all about the naturals and neutrals and have had my eye on the Urban Decay palettes for a little while going back and forth because my make up bag is pretty much all their neutral palette shades anyway. So maybe I will leave Urban Decay for a little while and get myself this palette - can't go wrong for £4. Oh I do love me some Superdrug. I have no idea why I haven't got myself one of their points cards already. Probably because that mirror shiny thing on the front is just awful. And I am a serious fan of Boots. So looking forward to getting back to the UK - found out I have a very generous amount on my card so will be lashing out as soon as I hit Heathrow.

    Just to add, I mentioned you in my last post because your comment on my snail extract review about sheep placenta (ewwww) got my brain ticking. You might want to check it out if you have time. Anyway, hope you're having a lovely week. Rosemary x

  2. I own this palette and love it. I too thought it was supposed to be a dupe for I'D naked.

    Angie x