Review: Sleek Eyebrow Stylist & Matte Me Lip

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Hands up who loves great arches? Well, I’m definitely an eyebrow addict, so when I saw the new launch from Sleek, it’s Brow Stylist, I had to get in on the action.

Sleek is a brand I have a lot of love for. I think the eyeshadow palettes are genuinely as good quality as Mac or Illamasqua, and the Face Form kit is something I use everyday. So I rushed off down to Superdrug as soon as I heard about Brow Stylist. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, so I can give an informed verdict!

Normally, I use a powder shadow and a slanted brush to fill in my brows. I feel that powder gives a softer finish and the angled brush allows you to be more precise. I used Benefit BrowZing for years, but then I realised that I didn’t like the wax very much. Since then, I’ve just used Mac powder shadow and a bit of the Maybelline Brow Drama mascara. I’ve never really gotten on with a brow pencil before, usually finding them too stiff and hard to apply with no great results.

I trusted Sleek to shake this opinion up a bit…

The Brow Stylist is a black plastic cylinder – one end is a brow brush, and the other is an angled, twist-up pencil. It comes in three shades – Light, Medium and Dark. I went for the Medium, which is probably a half a shade too light, but its better to go lighter than darker with brows in general or you can end up looking a bit gothic! The shade suits fine when blended in.

On first application, I didn’t like this product very much, but its grown on me a lot. The consistency of the pencil is like a cream, and I found this a bit greasy and weird after using powder only for so long. The nib is a little triangle, so it can be used at the finest point to make neat, precise lines, and turned around to make fatter strokes.

However, as it’s a twist up one that you don’t sharpen, this quickly goes blunt (although it evens out again in the end), and so you only really get a precise line on one brow, its too blunt by the second one. I found the lack of preciseness very hard to get used to, but actually it does make a more natural finish -  sometimes my brows can look too ‘drawn on’ because I do them so exactly, so this is almost better for daytime and other occasions where you don’t want to look too try hard.

Sleek Brow Stylist - on left hand side, bare brows on the right!

 Sometimes if your brows look really precise, the rest of your face can look quite under-done and washed out unless you have a full lot of make-up on all the other features. I really don’t like not filling in my brows because they’re quite sparse, so this is the perfect solution for those more low-key days when a power brow is too much!

The brush is a handy addition for combing through afterwards, which softens the finish and makes it look nice and natural. I still found myself going over the bottom of my arch with my usual powder shadow afterwards, but overall I was happy with the result, especially for £5.99. This will quite possibly be a repurchase of mine, and will also be super-handy for on the go brow touch-ups as well.

Because I can never just buy one item, of course I picked something else up as well!

 The Matte Me liquid lipstick caught my eye and ended up sneaking into my basket (how did that happen?!), it’s a really bright, ultra-pigmented formula. You only need one coat and boy does it last. I literally struggled to get this off at the end of the day!

It feels nice and velvety on, not dry and tight like some matte formulas. This shade is called ‘Party Pink’ although I would call it more of a coral/red tone -  exactly the kind of bright shade I love. I’m really impressed with the matte finish and how long this stays on, so it would now be my go-to choice if I wanted a nice electro lip look. As usual with Sleek products, this is such high quality for the price, its amazing. The doe-foot applicator also makes it easier to apply and get a nice tight line, versus a conventional lipstick bullet, and that’s so important with a statement shade, where every mistake really shows up. Even if this was an accidental discovery, I’m really pleased with it.

 The verdict? Although the Brow Stylist took a little getting used to for me, these are both great products, fantastic quality for a low price, and in the usual amazing range of shades that Sleek are so good at - what more could you want?

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