Wipe Clean: PVC Skirt Fashion Inspiration

Tuesday 28 January 2014

Wipe Clean - PVC Fashion

Wipe Clean - PVC Fashion by msgsarah 

Ok, so I'm a little obsessed with PVC skirts at the moment. I love that they're a little bit subversive, but that you can dress them down to be really edgy. I knew I wanted to get one in black, so above is a little mood board with some thoughts on styling.

Good tops to pair it with would either be a slouchy, grey marl sweatshirt or fresh white T with a cheeky slogan. These sporty pieces bounce off the ultra-raunch factor of the PVC and normalise it. The skirt would also work really well paired with wedge trainers - the pencil length demands a heel, but again, the sports vibe would downplay it. 

Contrast the skirt further with an uptown girl boucle jacket in pretty cream. This smartens up the look by giving it a grown-up foil. A white enamel and jewelled statement necklace will give it some pow.

Beauty wise, either dark, nightshade lips or a punchy red, orange or pink would jolt the monochrome outfit to life. Nails in this season's vibrant, poppy orange give a hit of colour. A leopard clutch adds a bit of patterned impact.

I'm planning to recreate this look in the near future, and will post the results.

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