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Saturday 18 January 2014

holiday2013 machuggable001 MAC Huggable Lipcolour Collection
Mac have a new lip colour launch for the start of the year- cue hysterical excitement. It's called 'Huggable Lip Colour' (isn't that cute?) and they come in this really sexy, sleek metallic packaging, like the 'Sheen Supreme' range- which I also love- but more silvery. I much prefer the tube to the regular Mac lipsticks, which look a bit cheap and dated in that matte black plastic.

>> What's the hype?

It's a brand new formula, 'inspired by Asian trends', which sounds very mysterious (something to do with skincare benefits?). It promises:

  • A smoothed-out, sculpted finish
  • Unique gel base
  • Lasting, glossy, feather-light finish
  • Helps to boost collagen
  • Lasting finish up to 6 hours
MAC Huggable Lip Color

>> What colours are there?

There are currently 12 shades in the range, with a further two (not mentioned here) that are exclusive to Asia (boooooo.)

Commotion - Deep cool plum cream
Red Necessity - Deep warm wine cream
What A Feeling! - Mid-tone cool pink cream
Feeling Amorous? - Mid-tone fuchsia cream
Love Bean - Mid-tone warm pink cream
Out For Passion - Soft warm rose cream
Touche - Light beige cream
Fresh & Frisky - Soft neutral peach cream
Cherry Glaze - Orange red cream
Fashion Force - Cool coral cream
Rich Maroon - Mid tone chestnut cream
Rusty - Deep auburn

>> What do I think?

I was pretty excited to try this new launch, and although I tried to convince myself to wait until payday, as soon as I passed the Mac store, I ended up running in and grabbing one! (Weak, Sarah, sooo weak...)

My excuse was that I'd run out of my go-to neutral, Sheen Supreme in 'Bare Again', so it was totally justified.

I wanted a neutral shade, but the most beige, 'Touche', I felt was a bit pale on me. So I ended up choosing 'Fresh & Frisky', which has more of a peach tone to it. But it will still work well for a more toned down lip look with strong eye makeup.

The packaging is beautiful and feels well worth the £17.50:

On the lips, it does feel lightweight and a lot more hydrating than some of their other formulas. Especially in the winter months, my lips can get flaky very easily when wearing a lipstick, but I noticed that this kept them nice and soft. It's not quite as shiny as I expected (especially not from the very glossy campaign shots), but it'll do!

Mac describe the finish as 'luminous' and I'd have to agree, they do have a certain glow to them and the colours really pop:
Mac Huggable Lip Colour in 'Fresh & Frisky'

I'm excited about the promise of collagen content to boost my pout as well, although I'm not sure if that's more of a cumulative effect? I did feel that it made the shape of my lips look nice and full.

The colour lasts pretty well - maybe not exactly six hours, but certainly not one that needs reapplying every half hour.

>> The Real Verdict

This is a gorgeous lipstick with amazing sleek packaging that also feels comfortable on the lip and achieves a glowing, boosted appearance. The colour range is pretty decent and includes some lovely brights, a raisin coloured dark and popping reds and pinks. The staying power is decent and the added skincare benefits and moisturising effect make it well worth the spend. I'm in love with this shade and will certainly considering adding some more of them to my collection when I'm feeling flush!

>> Where can I get one?

£17.50 at Go get!

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