Oops I ombré-d again...

Sunday 6 October 2013

It's about 3 years too late, but I finally jumped onto the ombré hair bandwagon. It's a look I've liked for ages, but just never got around to doing, but yesterday I took the plunge and did it- mainly because when I suggested it to my darling husband, he said I was (and I quote) "too old for it". Too freaking old?!? So of course, I then had to try it out!

I used the L'Oreal Preference Home Kit, like everyone else in the known blogosphere, so I won't bother to do a full review on it. There are some really good posts and videos out there for the Googling. Here's the kit:

I will say that it was nice and easy to use, and I'm pleased with the result. It's not too orange (the pictures on the box are a rather alarming shade of tangerine!), and the effect is actually subtle and not some massive neon stripe across the bottom of your hair
I'd like to point out I had ombre hair before it was even 'a thing'. When I began sixth form, waaay back when I was 17, I bleached the bottom three inches of my hair and dyed them pink. It was a look that got extensively copied and probably the only time I've ever felt like a trend-setter. But I'm glad to be doing it again and I'm really pleased with the results. Another victory for home beauty care!

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