The 5:2 Diet - 3 Weeks In

Sunday 4 August 2013

Hello Dolls

It's been a couple of weeks since I've updated on my progress on the 5:2 Diet. There have been highs and lows in the past couple of weeks, but the most amazing part is that I've actually managed to stick to it for three weeks, which is a personal best of mine for any diet, ever. I hope I can keep going until my holiday in September!

So, how has it been? Well, some days have been really tough. Going to bed with an empty stomach is never any fun. But overall the fasting days have been getting easier. My last fasting day was brilliant. I only had an apple (and a lot of zero-calories fluids, usually water or hot water with lemon juice, some black coffee and the odd peppermint tea), and then beans on wholemeal toast all day, but I wasn't really hungry. I felt light and buzzy, full of energy, and none of that post-lunch slump I usually get.

After week one, I found I had lost a pound in weight and I was delighted. I did military bootcamp and no carbs for a MONTH before my wedding and only lost a pound total, so a pound in a week felt amazing and really spurred me on.

However, at the end of week two, I discovered I hadn't lost anything further. I was really gutted, after I'd been so good sticking to it. My body is awful. It clings stubbornly onto every pound. My weight never fluctuates, and even staving myself two days a week appears to have had no change. I was extremely down after that. But my husband was quick to tell me that weight loss is not an exact science, especially when you don't have lots to lose, which consoled me a bit. My colleagues who first switched me onto the diet told me the weight loss can plateau - but after just one pound? That's frankly a bit disappointing.

I am frustrated and this is where I'd normally give up. But this time, I've decided to hit back harder. As of this week, I am:
  • Switching to 4:3 as a ratio, at least until I see something start to happen
  • Not weighing myself anymore until before my holiday
I still feel good within myself, even though I haven't lost anything more, so I'm going to carry on for the time being. I feel like this diet is actually strengthening my willpower - I did read somewhere once that the best way to get more of it is actually to use some, like a muscle- and its also helping me to be more aware of what goes into my body, and to appreciate what I do eat. So for now, I'm soldiering on! This could be a long-term form of weight control for me, who knows. Wish me luck!

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