A Few of My Favourite Things for Summer

Friday 12 July 2013

Hi Dolls!

Isn't it fabulous that summer has finally made a long-overdue appearance? I'm so enjoying the sunshine, although it seems weird that there was snow on the ground what seems like only a few weeks ago. I'm absolutely loving morning coffee in the garden and eating watermelon. And we've finally booked a holiday in September, so we'll be off to Portinatx in Ibiza (the quiet bit of the island!), which I'm so excited for. Here a few of the things that are currently rocking my world....

L'Oreal Studio Line Matt & Messy Salt Spray

Normally, I am a fan of poker-straight locks. It's not the coolest style around, but I think it suits me and its easy to do. But lately (must be the sunshine), I've really been craving messy, beachy bed head hair, so I invested in this spray. I must say, its nice to be giving my hair a break from the GHDs for once, and I think it looks a bit cooler as well. After washing and drying, I just scrunch in some of this, pull my hair back into a messy knot, and when I release it, I've got that undone looking texture. This is a great product for getting that laid-back, summer look.

Topshop Lips in 'Ooh La La'

To be honest, me and Toppers fell out in a big way a while back, and I haven't been in there for quite a while. They just seemed to be going all out for that hipster, wearing ugly granny clothes in an 'ironic' way thing....which is not my style at all. I much prefer pulled-together, sleek looking clothes...I guess I want to look 'expensive' rather than full-on fashion. If I could only choose one shop to shop at, it would be Zara. So yeah...Topshop went down this ironic fashion path that scared the beejeezus out of me, so I just stopped going. But lately, things seem to have changed and last time I went in there I was back to wanting to buy everything in sight! I'd actually never tried their make-up before, and I usually don't have a great opinion of clothing store make-up. It usually seems like a lazy afterthought they've just slapped a name on. But this totally doesn't seem to be the case with Topshop make-up, after trying out a few of the products, I'm hooked. Since I bought this lipstick, I've worn it pretty much every day, which is not at all like me! It's such a summery, fluoro coral, but somehow its not too OTT. J'adore!

These amazing shoes...

Are my current favourites! I must admit, I'm a fan of foot comfort and I'm always on the lookout for flats that are pretty enough to be worn out in the evening. I think these are! The leopard print, the clear side panels, the almond shape pointed toe...they're just great! And you'll just die when I say where they're from...George at Asda!! They cost the grand old sum of £10. I actually saw them in Look magazine. I didn't think they'd actually have them in stock, but they did. I always wrote supermarket fashion off as a bit mumsy, but these have made me think again. I will now be having a sneaky peek at their stuff when I go in to pick up my groceries!

This Outfit...

Which is going to be the inspiration for my next night out outfit! I have a bright coral bandage skirt that I've never worn. I love the colour, but it looks a bit 'obvious' somehow, and I've never really known how to style it. But I think I've worked out that the key here is a sloppy white vest, half untucked, and possibly a denim shirt tied at the waist! Oh yeah, I'm going full on K-Stew here. I'm going to grunge that bad boy up and see how it looks. Pairing it with loose, sloppy items takes some of the 'barbie' out of it, while still allowing the colour and shape to shine. Love!

Seeing old friends...

My friend Katie (pictured) came back from Dubai last week, where she has a really sickening glamourous job doing PR. It was so good to see her and have a catch up! I didn't do any outfit posts, but basically I wore white tailored shorts and a baggy brown vest tucked in, with this Aztec style necklace, and wore my hair in the most massive beehive! I had such a fun night. Summertime makes going out so much better.

....And meeting new ones!

My sister in law had a baby last week, and I now have a new nephew who is so gorgeous! We were looking after our 1 year old niece while her mum and dad were at the hospital, and two days of playing at being a parent really tired me out...not sure how mums do it! But I loved it. We were there when she went into labour and I actually fainted, just dropped stone cold. Ironic when she was the one having a baby. But its been so nice to be around this week to help out.

How is your summer going so far? xx

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