A Week in Pictures April 2013

Sunday 7 April 2013

Hi Dolls!

As a quick way of keeping this blog up to date, I've decided that I'm going to trial doing a picture a day during the week ( as long as I remember!), and then post them as a week in pictures. I've seen a few people doing this kind of thing and its always fun to look at, so here goes....

1) Has spring finally sprung? The past few days have been the first warm (ish. I mean not in the minus figures) and sunny ones since last summer. I spotted some cherry blossom on the trees, which makes my heart sing.

2) My current favourite lip colour! It's a custom blend, dontcha know! A mix of Barry M lipstick in 129 and L'Oreal Rouge Caresse in Cheeky Magenta.

3) Graffiti is usually a horrid thing, but you know you're in a nice neighbourhood when you see this! I spotted this rather charming message on the side of my local supermarket and it made me smile

4) I went to the American candy shop and stocked up on a few transatlantic treats. This won't seem very exotic to any US visitors, but I've wondered for years what these are, having heard about them in all the trashy teen literature and movies of my youth (usually references to stuffing one's pants with them!?). Yum!

5) I took my beautiful little niece to the park to enjoy the sunshine. I lifted her onto the big girl's slide and surprise surprise, she loved it. She's such a little adrenaline junkie. She was fascinated by the first spring tulips coming up.

6) Nails of the week! Beige with a hot pink tip. The shades are Mink and Shoreditch, both from Nails Inc. I'm loving this look!

And how was your week?

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