Making Up Is Hard To Do #1: Eye Shapes

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Hi All

In my quest to learn and understand more about all things beauty, I've been gathering some more information to help 'correct' the flaws in my face with cosmetics.

There is a whole world of shading, contouring and highlighting information that can help you do your make-up even better, so it's personalised to you. With make-up, as with dressing, you have to know what suits YOU in order to look your best.

So, I'm going to be doing an occaisional series of posts with guides on how to make cosmetics really work for you.

Because I've just figured out I have downturned eyes, I'm currently obsessed with trying to remedy that with the power of eyeshadow and a few other choice products. The chart below shows exactly what you need to do with your eyeshadow to make it work for your own eye shape. It doesn't mean you can't rock a variety of different looks, its more about how you can adapt those looks to work hardest for you and make you look your personal best.

Enjoy the below and I will continue to post more tips of facial contouring over time!