March Make-Up Haul- L'Oreal, Sephora, NYX

Thursday 15 March 2012

It's been a while since I've bought a few pieces all at once, so on our trip to Paris I treated myself to a few make-up essentials I felt I needed!


L'Oreal seem to have so many great, innovative new products out at the moment. They used to be a favourite of mine back when I first got into make-up, but since then other brands seem to have shone brighter. I felt like nothing they came out with really caught my eye. Until now! I had a browse around their stand in Boots just before I went away, and came away with some brilliant new items...

Lumi Magique Foundation

Wowzer! Something about this product really made me want to try it - perhaps the promise of illuminated, spring-ready skin when I still feel so wintery and sluggish with my complexion. I do seem to have been buying quite a few different foundations lately, but for some reason I really wanted this one. It didn't disappoint me. It feels very silky going onto the skin and I felt it really freshened me up and gave my lacklustre skin a boost. I got the shade W3 Gold Linen, which might be a little on the dark side for me, but seemed the closest match under the shop lights.

False Lash Telescopic Mascara

I've been wanting to try this one since it launched a couple of months ago- if only because it's one of the first mascaras in ages that's been advertised without the model (in this case, Cheryl Cole) wearing false lashes! I really resent the over-realiance on fakery in cosmetics advertising at the moment- if the look I see in the ad is nothing like I can hope to achieve using the product, I fail to see the point of it. It felt like it was really time for a brand to buck the trend, especially in mascara ads, where the lashes rarely look realistic anymore. So when I saw this one advertised with a shot of Ms Cole using ONLY the product, I was intrigued enough to want to try it. And...I am in love. This is absolutely my new favourite. It lengenthened and volumised to give a gorgeous look that still somehow managed to look fairly natural. I won't be throwing out my falsies for a night out- nothing would get me to do that- but I will definately be repurchasing this little beauty! I'm very impressed with the performance of this product, which is really something as I'm very choosy with mascaras and expect a lot. This one delivers!

Rouge Caresse in Cheeky Magenta

Likewise, this has stolen my heart as new favourite lip product. It's very moisturising and quite glossy, but you can easily build it up into a stunning, densely pigmented look as well. This electro-bright pink shade is gorgeous, and I also love the clear packaging and angled bullet- it's great! It also left my lips feeling very soft and the colour as it faded went to a gentle flattering stain rather than flaking off in patches. This is at least as good as Mac Sheen Supreme (my holy grail lipstick), in fact, I might even slightly prefer it! I plan to aquire lots of other shades from this line!


Sephora is like a sweet shop for make-up addicts like me, but as we were there for my husband's birthday treat, I didn't want to drag him round there for too long. So it was a quick smash-and-grab exersize only!

2-in-1 Kabuki Flex

I don't actually own a kabuki brush, so when I spotted this cute little hot pink one, I bagged it. There's a little button on the handle, and when you press it, the brush splits in half. The idea is that you use the whole brush for your face powder, then when it's halved you get an angled brush for your blush. Sooo cute!

Sephora Correcteur Tenue et Perfection

This is a double-ended creamy stick concealer - with a larger side for your dark circles - I have a feeling the texture will also make it a great eyeshadow base- and a finer side for hiding spots and blemishes. It's a really nice consistency that's a bit thicker than my current liquid concealer, and I hope it will do a better job on my undereye area. It seems very blendable, and didn't settle into the fine lines under my eyes at all.

Sephora Baume Lèvres Révelateur de Couleur

This is a really cute little lipbalm. It uses the PH balance of your lips to create a custom pink out of the clear application- supposedly resulting in the perfect shade for you. It's not a new concept, but when paired with the really nice, hydrating texture of the balm it's very cute indeed.

NYX Palettes - Runway Collection

I didn't really need any eyeshadow palettes, but I saw a couple of beauty blog reviews about the NYX ones that left me intrigued. It's not a brand I'm familiar with, other than reading about it on other people's blogs. But the shades in the palette intruiged me enough to get me searching on eBay!

Caviar & Bubbles- also called 'Champagne & Caviar' previously.

This has loads of really wearable, taupe sort of shades that put me a lot in mind of Bobbi Brown. There's a dark brown and a black to smoke things up and a white and shimmery nude to highlight with. I love the shades in this palette as they are all really wearable colours, so if it lives up to the nicely-pigmented/long-wearing hype I'm hearing from Makeup Alley, it could well become an essential! I like the sleek, glossy black casing with the large mirror and you get a generous pan of shadow yet the compact is small and easily portable.

Casting Call

This palette has lots of darker grey and black toned shades- perfect for a smoky eye and really quite glamourous. It's full of moody, sort of sludgy colours that feel very buttery to the touch. For a high-impact night time look, it seems like a really good addition to my collection, and I was also missing a silver shade in my collection, which this has.
So that's it for now! I look forward to using these products and posting some looks using them in the near future!

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