Review: Eylure Cheryl 'First Date' Eyelashes

Saturday 5 September 2015

As you might know by now, I have a *slight* addiction to false lashes. I just love the wide-eyed appearance and amped up flutter they give, and I'm permanently on a quest to get dense, flirty Disney Princess style lashes.

Although I have tried permanent lash extensions before, I never get on with them. They seem to irritate my eyes and I hate not being able to get my face wet. As much as I love my make-up, I also love that clean feeling at the end of the day when its all off.

So my preference is to use strip lashes, and thankfully these have come a looooonnngg way since the bad old days when they were all plasticky and nylon looking.

My favourites are always Eylure because they're great quality, affordable and have a huge selection of styles, so whenever they launch anything new I'm always interested. 

Recently, the brand announced some new collaborations - with vlogger extraordinaire Fleur De Force, makeup artist Vegas Nay, and with lash icon Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.

Among the new styles, these delicate 'First Date' lashes from the Cheryl line stood out to me.

They looked so subtle, lightweight and super-pretty!

The style is the most toned-down one from her line, which also includes the styles 'Sexy Senorita' (denser, spikier), 'Belle of the Ball' (fringey, multi-length strands) and 'Girls Night' (long, graduated).

All of the lashes feature a very subtle band, which is brilliant. It means that they couldn't be easier to 
apply and don't demand some kind of eyeliner ninja skills to disguise the band.

So, what did I think to this style? The positives....

Once on, these are so comfortable to wear. You don't notice them at all on the eye, so for beginners or those who hate the feeling of heavy false lashes, these would be ideal. They're also very easy to fit to the eye as well.

Despite appearing fairly delicate, with proper removal and care you'll be able to reuse them a few times - perhaps not so many times as the denser styles. I was able to get about three or four wears from this pair before they started looking a bit frayed. 

The 'First Date' lashes are enough to give an extra sizzle to your style, but in person, they're very subtle. They actually look more impactful in these pictures than they appear in real life.

Ideal for any kind of situation that demands a more natural look or for use during the daytime, even if you're just allergic to the heavy, Katie Price-esque look really!

But on the negative side....

I actually found that the 'First Date' style was a little too low-key in some respects.

In fact, I was planning on wearing them to my sister in law's wedding, but I actually thought they were too subtle once on, so I ended up purchasing a different pair!

For a natural look with a little more in the way of wow factor, I prefer the Kiss Looks So Natural line or even Eylure's own 'Lengthening 031' style, which is just about toned down enough for daywear but adds a bit more.

However, if you're after a very natural appearance, I think these are lovely - although they are identical to the 'Natural 031' style, which is cheaper, so don't pay extra just for the fact these are one of the named lines.

The Cheryl line of lashes cost £5.95 here.

Have you tried any of the new celebrity Eyelure lashes? What did you think? Do you have a favourite style from the range? Let me know!


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