About Me

Welcome to sarahdeluxe.com

I'm Sarah - writer, mother and recovering fashion addict!

This is a curated blog aimed at busy working mamas like me who still want to feel like themselves. From fashion and beauty in a hurry for busy 30-somethings, to home renovation, raising kids, tackling a career - I'm sharing the things I care about the most and what I've learnt along the way.

When I first had children, I had to learn that becoming a mother doesn't have to mean losing yourself in the process. You've produced these little people that you love so hard it makes you dizzy. But you still have to try and love yourself.

This blog has become my way of trying to figure that out. I hope it gives you as much enjoyment to read as it brings me to write it.

Meet The Family

They make guest appearances on these pages from time to time.

My husband Sebastian

Our children, Theo (5) and Romilly (2)

Our dog, Indy

Our cat, Shilling

Our chickens - Antoinette, Arabella, Skye, Sula, Bluebell and Bon Bon

We're living a full on life, working full time, raising two small children and renovating a Victorian house by the waterway. 

The rest, you'll discover along the way!

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