Got a Wedding to Attend? Tips to Find Something Beautiful to Wear!

Wednesday 9 March 2016

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If you’ve got a wedding to go to, you will want to look your absolute best.

Weddings are very special occasions where each guest should make an effort with their look. Finding something beautiful to wear is a great start.

Then, you can think about how you’ll have your hair and makeup, as well as any accessories you need. Here are some tips you can use:

Know What Suits Your Body Type

To look amazing at the wedding, you should know what suits your body type. After all, everybody will be looking their best and pictures will be taken left right and centre.

By knowing your body shape and type, you can look at outfits that will look incredible on you. Let’s say you have a straight up and down figure but you want to create some curves. A peplum style skirt or dress is the perfect choice.

If you have larger hips that you’d like to hide, avoid bodycon styles and go for more skater dress styles. Ultimately though, it’s what you feel comfortable in.

As long as you feel comfortable, you’ll look great!

Make Sure It’s Appropriate

Your outfit needs to be appropriate for a wedding. Wearing something too short or something that shows off too much skin might not be deemed appropriate by other guests.

You want to look respectful for the occasion. Ideally, skirts and dresses should come just above the knee at the shortest.

If you’re an important guest, like the mother of the bride, it’s even more important you spend time finding the right outfit, Look on sites like to find something you like.

Double Check the Dress Code

Make sure you double check the dress code before buying your outfit. This is usually outlined on the invite. You won’t want to buy a full on evening gown if the dress code is casual or smart casual, like many weddings these days.

Look Online for Inspiration

Stuck on what to wear? Then look online for outfit suggestions. You can find so many guides and looks on Pinterest and fashion blogs, you’ll definitely pick up more great tips.

Find a Personal Shopper

If you’re totally useless when it comes to shopping, look for a personal shopper to help you. Tell them the occasion and the kind of things you usually go for and they should be able to style you in a way you love. You can even find online personal shoppers that can send things to your address, which you then send back if they aren’t suitable. You can find lots of shoppers here.

Pick a Romantic Pattern or Colour

As a wedding is a romantic occasion, picking a pattern or colour to suit it is a good idea. This could include patterns like florals and hearts, and colours like pink/red. It’s a great way to give a nod to the occasion and make it all about love.

Have an amazing time!

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