Hair Makeover at Tim Foster Hairdressing

Thursday 13 March 2014

I have a confession to make. Hold on to your seats, but I haven't had my hair cut for over year. For someone that's so into her beauty stuff, that's a loooong time. I swear I didn't mean it to go on for so long...I swear I'll change...I'll be better next time...I promise *sobs*.

Finding a good hairdresser is a massive issue. You have to find someone that not only gets you, but understands who you want to be as well, and can interpret all that into a cut that works. My previous hairdresser had all that. It got to the point where I could just flop down into the chair, cut or colour, and say 'Do what you like' and know that it would turn out great. So I was devastated when she announced she was moving to Austrailia (why, Cassie, why?) and love her though I did, that's a bit far for me to go for a trim and few highlights.

Since then, I've visited quite a few different salons, but I just never clicked with anyone. And I had a few disasters along the way. Like Aveda, who dyed my hair purple when I'd asked for caramel highlights. Or the simply named The Salon, who did the opposite and left the foils on for so long I went a shade I can only describe as 'acid custard'. Or The White Room, who didn't have any hot water and also dropped a shampoo bottle on my head! I just couldn't find anywhere that I felt understood me.

So I dyed my highlights out and let my layers grow. Fast forward a year and my hair was just hanging there, a shapeless mass. The ends were dry and crying out for mercy. I knew I had to do something.

Then, Eve at Tim Foster Hairdressing found me. She reached out on Twitter (how very modern) and before I knew it I was booked in! I'd been able to view pictures of her work on Twitter as well, so I knew I was in good hands.

As soon as I went into the salon, I knew I'd like it. Call me superficial (I've said it myself in the title of this blog!) but if I don't like the vibe of a salon it will never work out. Tim Foster Hairdressing is decked out in a really cool, vintage style inside. It reminded me of an All Saints store.

Eve gave me a huge smile when I came in and made me feel very welcome. She looked like Keira Knightly with a gorgeous coppery hairdo, so I instantly relaxed. I was having an awful day and my face was all swelled up with tree pollen allergies, I'd managed to cry all my mascara off and my hair was mess as I'd skipped washing it the night before. I don't know what she must have thought, but she made me feel at ease and put a smile on my face.

She somehow also managed to translate my very vague directions of 'something sort of 60's with a sort of grown-out fringe' into an actual hairdo. As well as seeing who I was, she managed to see what I wanted to be (Sienna Miller), which is important when someone is styling your hair. Have a look:

I now have much healthier looking hair with the dead ends all chopped off! My hair had become so straggly and had literally stopped growing because it was in such bad repair, so it wasn't getting any longer. It was just hanging there, looking stressed.

I'm really pleased with my 'fringe-that-isn't a fringe'. I have to be careful because what I really want in my heart of hearts is a heavy, full fringe (I get fringe envy a lot), but my forehead is really short so it tends to make me look like a Lego Man.

Periodically, I forget this, get a fringe and then have to spend three months clipping it back until it grows out again.

Eve has magically managed to find a compromise with shaped 'side pieces' that I can either brush into more of a fringe or style back into the rest of my hair. They don't get in my eyes and I'm happy! And the gorgeous products used in the salon have really made my hair feel healthy and my ombre shine.

She did a gorgeous wavy blow dry on me as well - I couldn't take any pictures at the time because my face was all swelled up and disgusting with allergies, so apologies for that. These pics are taken after I straightened it in the morning, but now I know the cut works both wavy and straight, which is lovely.

I'm one happy customer. I feel like I've found a stylist I can trust (after A LOT of wrong turns). I'd now feel confident to go in and ask for something more dramatic or get my colour adjusted - I'm already thinking about my next move -  and I certainly won't go another year without visiting!

If you're looking for a salon in Nottingham that's forward thinking and stylish with great service I would certainly recommend them.


  1. Beautiful!!! Everyone is having their hair cut ... I need mine done !!

  2. Ahh, glad you like it! It did drastically need doing though, can't believe I left it so long! Do you have a favourite salon? x