Home Cooked Beauty: Aspirin, Yoghurt and Honey Face Mask

Tuesday 11 March 2014

Hello my lovelies!

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to start an occasional series of posts trying out some home-made beauty remedies. It’s fairly obvious that I love shiny new products and that my idea of heaven would be getting locked in the Selfridges Beauty Hall overnight, but I also have a lot of love for remedies you can make at home for little or no money, that can give real results that rival anything shop-bought.

 Today is one of my all time favouites – the Aspirin face mask! It might look a little weird, but I promise it gives amazing results. And it couldn’t be simpler.

All you need aspirin tablets. You can literally pick up a pack of 20 generic branded ones in the supermarket for something ridiculous like 16p, but lets face it, you’ll probably already have some in the cupboard. This won’t work with Ibuprofen or any other painkillers, aspirin is the magic ingredient!

Why? Well, aspirin contains a form of salicylic acid, which is wonderful for removing blemishes, unclogging pores and softening skin. If you have acne or rosacea problems, this can really help, but even if you don’t (like me) it really works to even out skin tone brighten, lighten and leave your skin so soft, puppies would weep!

Also, as aspirin is designed to reduce inflammation, it even helps with wrinkles. Utter genius.

All you need is 2 – 5 aspirin tablets. They have to be uncoated ones -  this is very important! Crush them up with a pestle and mortar or the back of a teaspoon into a fine powder. You can either: mix this with a oil for extra smoothing properties, or you can add in a tablespoon of natural plain yoghurt and a squirt of honey. If you have problem skin, I recommend the latter, as the honey is soothing and anti-bacterial for spot-prone skin and the yoghurt is calming and contains proteins to improve the appearance. If you have dry skin, try adding a bit more honey, and if you have oily skin, increase the ratio of yoghurt.

In my case, I just mixed the crushed aspirin with a good squirt of Cocoa Therapy Skin Rescue Oil, which has the added bonus of making everything smell like chocolate!

Smooth the mixture onto your face and leave for up to 20 minutes. Then simply splash off with warm water. You’ll be delighted with how your skin feels. I know that some people are a little sceptical about homemade beauty treatments, but this one is astonishing. And it doesn’t take much effort or resource to try it -  I bet you have all the ingredients needed right now. So I’d say just try it out and see if you could get amazing skin for literally pennies.

The aspirin mask is my go-to mask before a big night out when I want my skin to look its best. Hope you like it!

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